Maruti Ertiga: Sporty, classy, spacious

Maruti Ertiga isn't the first MUV that Maruti has launched. There were Omni E, Versa and also the Ecoe. But what's the big deal with Ertiga? While the others were bare and mostly featureless, the Ertiga is decently specced-out as a significant value-for-money composition. Where the earlier models were meant to be bought by fleet operators, the Ertiga aims straight for the family man.

India's largest carmaker which sells almost 10 million out of every 15 million cars sold in India, doesn't have a strong vehicle in the MUV section. Etriga aims to conquer that space. The car-makers are calling it the 'Life Utility Vehicle' or LUV that essentially offers hatchback upgraders and sedan-buyers a car that's part sedan, part MUV.


Style: Looks familiar but it's not

The vehicle bears a very strong resemblance to the new Suzuki Swift and the DZire. But, a bit longer than Swift and not quite the dimensions as the Innova-a compact MUV, if you may call it. The swept back headlamps are inspired from the Swift, while the bonnet looks similar to Ritze.

Clean, uncluttered, spacious, sporty and classy - Ertiga is quite impressive. And just like the Swift, you can just slide into rather than having to climb in. You can slide, recline and also get an arm-rest to your seat.

Engine Specifications:

Displacement: 1372cc, K-Series

Engine Type: Petrol

Maximum Power: 94 Bhp

Maximum Torque: 130 Nm

Expected Price:

Rs. 7,00,000 - Rs. 9,00,000 (Mumbai)

Maruti have ensured that the customer will want to upgrade to an Ertiga. This time, the car-maker looks certain to bring in the numbers. Drive it to work, take it on a month-long holiday, take your family to drives (it has room for seven people) and do all this without poor dynamics and poor efficiency-the inherent traits in a MUV. Will you buy the Ertiga?

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 07:15 AM