Top rules of road safety

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Top rules of road safety

There are several road safety rules that you may be unaware of. Though these are basic rules, citizens often tend to forget them even after years of practice. It is time to revise before hitting the streets.


Are you planning to overtake? Always do it from the right side. 


One of the essential road safety rules is that you must overtake another vehicle from the right. However, this can be extremely difficult in India because most of the drivers do not maintain a particular lane when they are driving. Thus, the simplest thing you can do is first try to overtake from the right. If there is no space, then you must blow the horn to let the other vehicle know your intention. Please do not pass from the left. When overtaking, go right!


Do you know when to use the different lights of your vehicle?


There are many light functions in your vehicle. But, do you know exactly when to use which one? This can be quite confusing if you are a new driver.


  • There are two indicators- left and right. The left indicator is meant to flash when you are about to take a left turn. On the other hand, the right sign is meant for a right turn. You must always remember to signal the right indicator so that the cars from the opposite side and those behind know about your intention to turn.


  • The low beam headlights are designed to light a path of about 200 feet ahead of you. This is best suited for driving at night because of the difficulties.


  • On the other hand, the high beam headlight should not be used when you are driving on roads that are already lit, or you cannot see 200 feet ahead of you. Conditions to avoid high beams are rain, snow, and smoke.


Have you been holding the steering wheel correctly?


  • You must hold the steering wheel firmly yet gently from opposite directions. Instead of using your palms to change the path, you must use your fingers. Moreover, it would be best if you did not lean on the steering wheel at any time.


  • Always ensure that you turn the steering wheel from outside and place your thumbs along the steering wheel’s face.


  • The correct distance that you must maintain from the steering wheel is approximately 10 inches. You can calculate this from your breastbone to the wheel’s center.



What should be there in their glove box?


While your car’s glove box must have things such as a flashlight, napkins, high-energy snacks, and a recyclable bag for an emergency, it must also hold some relevant documents. Some of these are:


  • Details about any allergies that you may have or important medical conditions.
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • A pen and paper
  • Your car’s insurance policy


What should you do in case of a punctured tire?


While a puncture spray can be a temporary solution for a tubeless tire, you can use a jack and bolts to put change into the spare wheel. Always remember to carry a spare tire and tools in your car’s boot.


How to protect your windscreen? 


The simplest way to protect your windscreen is to defend it against too much heat because that expands the glass, which may then crack in extreme cases. Moreover, always repair the windscreen chips when necessary. Also, using ammonia-based cleaners can lower its quality.


With these fast road safety rules and vehicle-safety tips, you can be sure to protect yourself and make the country’s roads accident-free. 


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