KFA engineers resume work, accept wage settlement offer

The striking engineers of Kingfisher Airlines have decided to resume work and the airline is expected to restart operations in the next few weeks, CEO Sanjay Aggarwal told reporters after a meeting with the employees in New Delhi today.

"All issues have been addressed," Aggarwal said However, he refused to elaborate the terms of settlement.

SC Mishra, co-coordinator, the Kingfisher Employees Union in Delhi, said the engineers have decided to rejoin work. As per his knowledge, pilots would also accept the terms of settlement, but Mishra refused to confirm.

"We are getting salaries with immediate effect for March. We will get April salary before October 30," Mishra told reporters.

 KFA engineers resume work, accept wage settlement offer

Kingfisher CEO Sanjay Aggarwal has promised to pay all arrears by March 2013.

The management has also assured that the staff will receive salaries continuously.

He said there was no intimidation or coercion and the management helped the staff understand the economics of the operation.

Mishra urged the DGCA to revoke the suspension of the airline as soon as possible and allow the airline to become operational.

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 13:05:25 IST