Interview: HP’s Big data strategy for startups in India

Big Data technology and services market in India will witness a CAGR of 36.3% for the period of 2012–2017 to reach $191 million from $40.7 million in CY12. By 2020, India will also see a 25-fold growth in useful information that will make the adoption of big data technologies and practices a significant opportunity for enterprises, according to a report from IDC. In an interview with Firstpost, Vivek Ratna, Country Director, Big Data Platform, HP India talks about the company's Big Data strategy for startups in India. Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about Big Data analytics trends in India? How important is Big Data analytics for start-ups? What’s driving big data analytics adoption among start-ups in India?

Big Data technology and services market in India will witness a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.3% for the period of 2012–2017 to reach $191 mn from $40.7 million in CY12, according to IDC report. The huge growth potential is attributed to the inclination of the business functions to get meaningful insight out of the humongous data growth in their organisations. By 2020, India will also see a 25-fold growth in useful information that will make the adoption of big data technologies and practices a significant opportunity for enterprises.

 Interview: HP’s Big data strategy for startups in India

Vivek Ratna, HP India

Big Data is critical for start-ups and it is never too early for start-ups to adopt Big Data analytics. Smaller or early-stage businesses are strategically better suited to act on data-derived insights with speed and efficiency. Instead of waiting for a company to reach a certain scale, start-ups should already begin to figure out how best to harness the data, make sense of the information, and derive value from it. To compete, they need to generate actionable insights that can drive better business outcomes. Today, Big Data analytics has moved from predictive analytics to persuasive analytics. Which means it’s not enough for businesses to know what customers are going to do in the future; it’s about changing the predicted customer behavioural patterns for mutual benefits.

Large enterprises and start-ups – what are your observations when it comes to Big Data analytics adoption?

We’re seeing start-ups taking the lead in big data analytics adoption when compared to the large enterprises. It is primarily because they don’t carry any technological or structural baggage, which makes them nimble footed towards taking advantage of data. Infact, start-ups form a significant portion of HP’s customer base in the Big Data space and they doing some innovative work with the help of analytics.

The large enterprises, though started late, have also started picking up momentum in big data adoption. One of the key success factors for these enterprise is that that they have to overcome the challenge marrying Big Data technology with their existing technology. Many organisations are finding ways to do that now. Few of HP’s Big Data customers are large enterprises from the banking and telecom verticals. We’re increasingly seeing large enterprises taking definitive steps towards Big Data adoption.

Are there any unique demands of Indian start-ups in the Big Data and analytics space? What’s HP’s Big Data strategy for start-ups in India? 

There are both challenges and advantages to the Big Data adoption by start-ups. While the challenge is that for most of them every dollar counts for their survival, the advantage is that once they see value in anything from their business objectives perspective, they can move very fast on that. They are young and extremely knowledgeable of the emerging trends. So, while they are keen to look at anything which is interesting for their business, they would like to keep the investment as low as possible while keeping the option of scaling out later on.

HP Haven platform brings together HP’s already established Big Data solutions and services. HP Haven Start-up Accelerator program provides early-stage companies with fast, affordable access to both HP Big Data and Application Delivery Management software and services. It is also a part of the HP start-up and developer initiative which helps small companies gain positive outcomes, allowing for low effort interactions that provide immediate value at a minimal cost.

Can you share some customer wins in India – both start-ups and large enterprises, for your big data analytics solutions.

One of the large telcos in India uses HP Vertica. There are a few e-commerce companies, who can be called as start-ups in the sense that they have been in the business for the last 4-5 years but based on the growth in terms of revenue they have exhibited over the last few years, they can be categorised as large enterprises. In the truest of sense, they are e-retailers with the added advantage that they have lots of data when compared to brick and mortar retailers. They are using HP Vertica for advanced analytics. Few start-ups which provide mobile/online advertisement network are also our customers.

Assessing the current state, what are the challenges Indian start-ups are facing – both in terms of investment and implementation. What’s HP doing to address these challenges?

The data landscape is constantly under change, adding pressurise to start-ups to extract valuable insights despite increases in volume and variety of data generated by their IT ecosystems. It is a big challenge for small enterprises to aggregate data from multiple sources such as social media, offline and machine data and to automate, deliver and assure IT operations.  It is also a challenge to do all these things, while meeting user expectations and with minimal business disruption, but at the same time provide accurate customer insights to capture new opportunities in customer behaviour, supply chain efficiency and other areas of business performance.

Each industry has unique challenges in adopting big data, here are some insights below -

-- Financial services industries need to meet customers’ expectations for efficient digital banking services, which addresses security needs for users as well

-- In the health and life sciences sector, patient privacy and drug development issues are making compliance a key investment driver

-- For the travel and transportation industry, it’s important to understand customer needs and behaviour.

-- In the public sector, governments are increasing their intelligence and security capabilities to better protect citizens

-- Real-time data visualization, aggregation and interpretation are vital to the energy industry

HP is investing heavily in making analytics the foundation of all the products in their portfolio, and is also investing in people and go-to-market to accelerate our momentum in the market.

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