India has to find accessible innovative models, says Tata's N Chandrasekaran

Innovation and R&D is not about pure research.

IANS July 19, 2017 12:15:32 IST
India has to find accessible innovative models, says Tata's N Chandrasekaran

New Delhi: India has to find new innovative models that are accessible in "every nook and corner of the country", Tata Sons Chairman N.Chandrasekaran said on Tuesday.

India has to find accessible innovative models says Tatas N Chandrasekaran

N Chandrasekharan, Chairman,Tata Sons. Reuters

"Innovation and R&D is not about pure research. We have to find innovative models which are accessible to every nook and corner of the country," Chandrasekaran said at the All India Management Association (AIMA) - JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award presentation here.

"In this way we'll suddenly create several hundreds of millions of people, who have, not just financial inclusion, but inclusion in every sense," he said.

Describing India's problem as being one of "access", the chairman of the country's most well known conglomerate abroad, which is a household name domestically for the sheer range of its business, said the problem of jobs "cannot be solved by creating more jobs".

"Our problem is access. You can't solve the healthcare problem by having more doctors. The best way to solve the problem is by providing more access for specialists by creating more jobs for lesser skilled people, so that specialists are free to do research.

"You won't solve the jobs problem by creating more jobs...but by creating a leadership that is aspirational. This leadership will create businesses that will then create more jobs," he said.

The Tata Sons chief said that, in his opinion, the most significant quality of leadership was to be aspirational and make people believe in that aspiration. The kind of aspirational leadership that had been shown by the group's founder Jamsetji Tata early in the last century, he said.

With such aspirational leadership, "not only will we achieve success, but we'll take the country ahead in the next decades. This will create a momentum to make India a place where others will come to work, to do business," he added.

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