Sponsored: Is Roadside assistance actually important?

Consider a scenario; you embark on a family outing in your car. In a matter of few minutes, it starts pouring pretty profusely. We all know how difficult it is to drive in the rain. To make matters worse, your car breaks down. With your rudimentary knowledge of cars, it’s a mammoth task to fix your car on your own in the rain. So basically, you are stranded in the downpour.

 Sponsored: Is Roadside assistance actually important?

Image Courtesy: Reliance General Insurance

In such a desperate situation, roadside assistance can be the savior.

What is roadside assistance? It is a breakdown coverage service which provides assistance to car owners in case their car goes through a mechanical failure or an accident. The car owners can simply call their service providers in case of a crash or any malfunction and their service providers will come to their rescue and fix the car for them. This service is provided by major car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Toyota, and Honda etc., car Insurance companies, or stand-alone service providers.

Keep in mind that this service comes as an add-on with car insurance policies at a reasonable fee of approximately 500-1000 Rs. However, a few insurance players such as Reliance General Insurance offer it free of cost with their car insurance policy.

Alongside fixing your car, roadside assistance can include additional features such as towing assistance, battery jump-start, organizing a taxi, emergency message relay to your family and friends, etc.

All you have to do to avail this service is to call your service provider. A few tech-savvy insurance companies have apps especially to provide this service. e.g. The Anywhere Assist app.

Such a service is of utmost importance in India, considering the dismal road conditions, untrained and aggressive drivers, and the high probability of water logging.

Updated Date: Oct 03, 2016 14:35:33 IST