Employers around the world face worst talent shortage in 12 years; India among most-affected countries

New Delhi: Employers around the world are facing the most acute talent shortage in 12 years, and India is among the top 10 most-affected markets with 56 percent of employers are facing difficulty in filling vacant positions in New Delhi, says a survey.

According to the latest Talent Shortage Survey released on Tuesday by ManpowerGroup, of almost 40,000 employers surveyed globally, 45 percent are struggling to fill roles.

"With record talent shortages around the world, it's no longer a question of simply finding talent; we need to build it," ManpowerGroup Chairman & CEO Jonas Prising said.

Prising further noted that "organisations need to accelerate efforts to upskill and reskill employees for the new world of work so companies succeed and people have employment security for the long-term".

 Employers around the world face worst talent shortage in 12 years; India among most-affected countries

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The worst affected country across the world in terms of talent shortage is Japan, as 89 percent employers said they faced difficulty in filling positions, followed by Romania (81 percent) and Taiwan (78 percent).

As companies go digital and roles transform, finding candidates with the right blend of technical skills and human strengths, such as communication, collaboration and problem-solving, is more important than ever, the survey said, adding that top drivers of talent shortage are lack of applicants, experience and hard skills.

Others in the top 10 most affected countries include Hong Kong (76 percent), Bulgaria (68 percent), Turkey (66 percent), Greece (61 per cent), Singapore (56 percent) and Slovakia (54 percent).

Meanwhile, China has the least difficulty in finding the right talent as only 13 percent employers report talent shortage, followed by Ireland (18 percent), UK (19 percent), the Netherlands (24 percent) and Spain (24 percent).

As per the survey, employers are placing greater importance on transferable soft skills as roles adapt, more than half of employers say communication skills – written and verbal – are their most valued soft skills, followed by collaboration and problem-solving.

Region-wise, Asia Pacific nations are suffering most acutely from talent shortages, with five of the top 10 worst affected markets in the survey: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Updated Date: Jun 26, 2018 13:14:24 IST