DGCA fears sabotage, tells Kingfisher to keep unscrupulous workers away

Civil aviation regulator DGCA has filed a three page report on what all it has asked Kingfisher Airlines to do before asking for permission to fly again. Official sources confirmed to Firstpost that the report has been filed this evening and it asks the airline to ensure that several conditions are met. But the most bizarre condition that DGCA has imposed is that the airline must ensure that "no unscrupulous" employee is positioned near the aircraft.

How would Kingfisher Airlines first of all determine which among its 4,000 odd employees are "unscrupulous" and then how will it ensure that these identified employees stay away? Kingfisher's engineers have already made it clear that they have been humiliated by a letter that CEO Sanjay Agarwal wrote on Monday, which said that non-management engineering staff was responsible for criminal intimidation and assault of other Kingfisher employees who wanted to come to work.

 DGCA fears sabotage, tells Kingfisher to keep unscrupulous workers away

Kingfisher Airlines fails to fly. Reuters

So the fissures between employees and the management are only becoming wider with each passing day. Meanwhile, the sources quoted earlier said no pilot or engineer from Kingfisher had approached the ministry with his grievance, a charge denied by the latter who say no one is willing to listen to them in the ministry. The sources also said that there has been no contact between Kingfisher chairman Vijay Mallya and minister Ajit Singh on the airline's lockout.

Besides asking Kingfisher to keep "unscrupulous" employees away from its aircraft, the regulator has imposed six other conditions before operations can restart:

1) Ensure sanctity of approved schedule. This means the airline must stick to the daily schedule which it had filed earlier with the DGCA

2) Ensure no more frequent flight cancellations happen

3) Ensure all employee grievances are met

4) Ensure safety of operations

5) Get their aircraft certified from engineers before takeoff

6) Ensure that regional level DGCA officials at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore certify aircraft for full preparedness

If Kingfisher is serious about beginning operations, it will have to satisfy DGCA on all these points by Thursday.

The sources said that since it is a scheduled airline, it may submit a new schedule on Thursday which would be quickly approved by the regulator provided all other conditions have been met.

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 12:27:28 IST