The new cool: Watch online or mobile content on your TV with this palm-sized dongle

Teewe, a year-old Bangalore-based start-up which is trying to change the kind of content we watch on television, will soon launch its second batch of devices in the market exclusively through Snapdeal. The sleek, palm-sized device can play any content from any of the user's storage device, such as laptop, desktop and mobile, wirelessly on their television. Cool, right?

Launched in November 2013, the Teewe dongle uses the local Wi-Fi network and all that a user has to do is to install its app on their mobile, which works as a remote control to play any content stored on any device on television.

Teewe, designed and developed by Sai Srinivas, 26, and Shubham Malhotra, 27, is owned by Mango Man Consumer Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

The concept of the device is based on the assumption that people would want to play their personal media content stored on their laptop or mobile on the television.

"Apart from watching regular satellite programmes we rarely use our television sets to watch anything else, except to play games. It is a grand waste of that beautiful screen," says Sai Srinivas, co-founder, Teewe. He says people have a lot of media content on their laptops, desktops and even mobiles which they would want to play on a larger screen.

"There is no easy way to beam your local content onto your television except through a USB drive. It is a painful way of doing things and we thought there has to be a way of doing this in a better way," he added.

How it works

The Teewe HDMI dongle, made of matte plastic has a nice touch and feel aspect to it. After connecting the dongle with television's HDMI port, users will have to download Teewe's app on their phones. "The minute you set it up, the app automatically recognizes the device and will ask for your Wi-Fi password. The app automatically starts communicating with the HDMI dongle using your Wi-Fi network," Srinivas explains.

In the same way, the online content can also be played on your television. "If your laptop is in your house and connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can see and play all the files on your laptop or any other storage device on your television," he says.

The Teewe app is currently available for android and iPhone along with Windows PC and MacBooks. "We, however, have not yet developed apps for windows mobile ecosystem yet. We will start working at it once we have more users on that platform," he says.

Within 72 hours of its launch on Snapdeal, the company sold 1,000 Teewe devices, and has sold over 2,500 devices till now, leaving them with none in stock for about four weeks now. New devices which are manufactured inChina, like the earlier batch, will be available from the 20th of this month and is priced at Rs 1,999.

"We tried to manufacture it inIndiaand burnt our hands. So, for large scale production we had to move toChina," Srinivas informs.

With the team of nine people, it took them around 10 months to come up with a finished product for sale.

Advanced and better

The new devices to be launched in November will have a whole bunch of new features."We are launching live TV channels on the device followed by music and movies from one of the biggest content distributors inIndiafor Bollywood content," Srinivas says.

Apart from this,the new product will be able to mirror laptop screen where users can see their laptop screens and share presentations, documents and other low frame rate content directly on the TV.

However, in terms of look and feel, Srinivas says the device will stay the same for the next two months post which he is planning to minimize its size drastically.

"We also are working on new devices focused on music this time and they will be announced once we have a few prototypes ready," he informs.

Updated Date: Nov 07, 2014 15:21 PM

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