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Can't re-open Manesar plant due to danger to life: Maruti

Maruti Suzuki's Chairman RC Bhargava today gave a press conference to discuss the incident of rioting at the Manesar plant. The Chairman said that they had never expected workers to indulge in this kind of rioting and that the violence was largely unforeseen.

He also said, "There is a lockout at Manesar plant; we cannot start production due to danger to life and safety."

However, Bhargava also emphasised that talks with workers were still open. He also added that the company had no intention of shifting the Manesar plant after the violence.

The Chairman highlighted the point that the workers had caused serious injuries to many supervisors and managers.

Violence erupted at the Manesar plant on Thursday, 19 July, after the union demanded that a worker, Jiyalal, who had slapped his supervisor, be reinstated after he was suspended.

A mob of 500 set fire to the security office and the fire safety room at the plant.Naresh Sharma/Firstpost

The company's management met with union members to hold talks on the issue. Following the talks between the two parties, union members present in the conference room attacked the company's senior management with chairs and rods, broke cars and burned the HR office.

According to reports, a mob of 500 set fire to the security office and the fire safety room at the plant. The violence left some 85 people seriously injured.

Among the injured were 40 of the company's senior managers. Avanish Kumar Dev, General Manager (HR) at Manesar Plant, succumbed to burn injuries.

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 10:31 AM