What's your take on: World's Toughest Job

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This week, we asked three people from adland to take a look at the 'World's Toughest Job' commercial. Before we move on, here is the ad:

We asked Vinayak Kohli, senior copywriter, Mudra; Chitra Bhanu, creative group head (copy), Bates CHI Partners and Praveen Nair, creative strategist, Isobar India for their two cents on the ad. Here is what they had to say about the ad:

What do you think of the ad? Yay or nay?

Vinayak: Can't say it blew my mind. The manipulative aspects of the film weren't as sophisticated as I
would have liked them to be.

Chitra: Yay Mama! When the ad began I didn't think I would end up describing it as - beautiful. I thought it was going to be some 'clever' commercial with an even cleverer punch line. In that sense I was as taken aback from the interviewees' point-of-views. And it made me feel really, really bad that I fought with my mom last evening. So I guess it's a job well done.

Praveen: Nein! It's one among the many ads that rely solely on the 'goodness' of the communication. What it lacks is an insight that's fresh. Motherhood, a 24-hour unpaid jyaaawwnb...

 Whats your take on: Worlds Toughest Job

Kohli: top left; Bhanu: bottom left, Nair: right

What did you like best about the ad?

Vinayak: The little piano piece towards the end.

Chitra: The idea itself. It's not preachy and neither is it a typical compilation of cute mom shots, with a moving background score. It didn't try hard, but I got the point. And how!

Praveen: Well, I watched it on YouTube. So there was this video progress bar constantly heading towards the end of the video. I kind of loved that.

Is there anything you didn't quite like about the commercial?

Vinayak: Not doubt that being a mother is hard work. But 'world's toughest job'? Someone seems to have conveniently forgotten soldiers, firefighters, policemen and many others.

Chitra: If I really had to pick...I didn't like that Japanese woman. I bet they didn't get a reaction out of her till the very end.

Praveen: They didn't interview Eminem.

Tell us very honestly, while watching the ad for the first time, what did you think the 'world's toughest job' would end up being?

Vinayak: To be honest, the address of the website where I watched it sort of gave it away.

Chitra: I thought it would be some kind of a cleaning job.

Praveen: I would say, watching the ad.

5) If you had to show this commercial to your mother, what do you think her reaction would be?

Vinayak: I think she'd enjoy it!

Chitra: She would probably push me, and then I would push her back. Then there would be an awkward silence and we would both try to act really cool. Hmmm...

Praveen: Doubtless, "Now, why don't YOU make something like that?" followed right immediately by, "Now have you called that plumber yet?"

6) If you had to say 'Happy Mother's Day' to your mother through a commercial, how would it be?

Vinayak: No commercials! I'd rather just send her a message, and spend some time with her if possible.

Chitra: First off, I would arm-twist the director into casting me as the lead. Just imagine my mother's reaction when she sees me on TV! Then I will look into camera and sing Hickory Dickory Dock (in a full blown Mallu accent)....The mouseh raann up the clouk...the clouk struck onee...Hickory Dickory Dock.

Accent will cease. I will continue, "Hi Mom...thanks for teaching me my rhymes; and the right from the wrong. You make me awesome." Happy Amma Day.

In general, make it a campaign by getting real people from across the country to come on camera and leave personal messages to their moms. Get them to talk of all big or small things she did to make them awesome.

Praveen: I would make this amazing video of myself flying over the city, saving hot women falling from the skyscrapers and make them say, "Thank You Praveen's mom!"

Updated Date: Apr 17, 2014 16:23:17 IST