Bloomsbury withdraws Bhargava's Air India book, says sorry to Praful Patel

Bloomsbury has apologised to former aviation minister Praful Patel and has withdrawn all copies of Jitender Bhargava's book The Descent of Air India which charts the fall of the airlines - despite the author maintaining his stance that whatever he wrote was factual.

Bhargava took to Facebook to vent his feelings against Bloomsbury's actions, writing:

While I told the judge on January 6, 2014, that everything stated in the book about Praful Patel is true, backed by documented evidence and will be duly justified and contested in the honourable court, the publishers, Bloomsbury, on whom also the notice was served, decided on not pursuing it, and instead agreeing to offer an apology to Praful Patel.

 Bloomsbury withdraws Bhargavas Air India book, says sorry to Praful Patel

Bhargava took to Facebook to vent his feelings against Bloomsbury's actions. PTI

This decision of Bloomsbury was unilateral, and without discussing with me, as an author. Their stand thus naturally came to me as a surprise. And it may surprise you too when you see the apology of Bloomsbury published in the newspapers.As everything stated in the book is true, based on documents, I will have the book, 'The Descent of Air India' reprinted either on my own or through a new publisher.

Bhargava also alleged thatattempts were made by Patel to obstruct his books distribution since its release on 11 October 2013. He also said that his books were not allowed to be sold at airport book stores and that Patel made TV channels drop scheduled programmes relating to it.

The former Air India executive said that Patel had filed a case in the court of the metropolitan magistrate in Mumbai on the contents of the book.

The author was the executive director of the airlines till January 2010 and had previously mentioned that every decision was being taken by the government as Air India never had a culture of speaking up. Bhargava said that impractical expansion plans had contributed to the national carrier's collapse.

Updated Date: Dec 21, 2014 01:51:14 IST