Intel CEO Brian Krzanich outlines five-point strategy as it moves from PC to cloud

PC company Intel made the inevitable announcement earlier this month to break away from that domain and move to the cloud. It meant losing out on 11 percent of its workforce too. Now, CEO Brian Krzanich has come out with 'five commandments' -- five core beliefs that he holds to be undeniably true for the future. In an official statement, Krzanich shared that their strategy will be about transforming Intel from a PC company to a company that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices.

Out of the five core beliefs that he outlined, Krzanich considers cloud as the most important trend shaping the future of the smart, connect world, and thus, Intel. This leads to his second point - the many 'things' that make up the PC client buisness and the Internet of Things are made much more valuable by their connection to the cloud. The third point Krzanich highlights is that memory and programmable solutions such as FPGAs will deliver entirely new classes of products for the data center and Internet of Things. 5G is also a focus area for Intel as it will become the key technology for access to the cloud.

Krzanich re-iterated the importance of Moore's Law and shares that Intel will continue its efforts to deliver its true economic impact. (The law says that we can shrink transistor dimensions by roughly 50% at a roughly fixed cost, thus driving twice the transistors for the same cost, or the same number of transistors for half the cost).

"We are in a time when technology is valued not just for the devices it produces, but for the experiences it makes possible. Intel will lead in this new era by remaining true to our history as inventors and makers, as a global leader in manufacturing, as world class innovators. We will also lead by becoming a company with a broader focus, and with sharper execution," said Krzanich, signing off.

Updated Date: Apr 27, 2016 16:19:02 IST