Fullerton India Migrates To Intel Xeon Processors

Today fortune 500 companies are overwhelmingly modernising their server infrastructure from legacy UNIX/RISC to Intel Xeon processor-based servers running Linux. Organisations are realising benefits such as lower cost of maintaining and upgrading their mission critical environments and technological and security advancements.

Fullerton India Credit Company Limited is one of India’s leading Non-Banking Finance companies (NBFC). The Loan Origination platform which is the lifeline for Fullerton’s business verticals, has a high demand on uptime / availability along with end user demands of quick TATs. Along with this, managing the user processing load basis the scale of Fullerton’s business was another challenge that the organisation faced.

Fullerton India, migrated from a non Intel processor to Intel Xeon E7545 2 x 2.0 GHz processor. The Intel Xeon solution offered 18 GB higher storage capacity per server. As a result of this migration process, Fullerton experience about 45 percent savings with the Intel Systems without a dip in performance.
Samir Khare, General Manager & Head – IT Business Solutions, Fullerton India said, “Though moving from the RISC architecture to the Intel platform provided a saving of about 45 percent, the bigger advantage is the easy availability of skill sets around the Intel platform. The support environment and the knowledge base available enhances the overall usage experience of the Intel platform and allows for easy maintainability.”
In addition to experiencing significant business and IT benefits from the change, companies that have migrated to Intel Xeon processor-based infrastructures have experienced better performance, reliability, lower capital and operational costs and greater flexibility.
Although careful assessment and planning is important to ensure a successful outcome, migration to Intel Xeon processor-based infrastructure offers a foundation for layering advanced cloud functionality and tends to cost less than upgrading existing UNIX/RISC environments.

Updated Date: Feb 02, 2017 23:52:40 IST