EnterpriseDB Releases New Postgres Products For Mission-Critical Demands

New versions of the flagship database and management console to leverage Postgres to enhance performance and stability for enterprises.

hidden November 19, 2013 13:08:11 IST
EnterpriseDB Releases New Postgres Products For Mission-Critical Demands
EnterpriseDB (EDB) has announced new versions of its flagship database and enterprise-class management console - Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 and Postgres Enterprise Manager 4.0, respectively. The company today also announced a new product, EDB Failover Manager, a critical component for meeting enterprise High Availability requirements.
According to an EnterpriseDB media release, enterprises have been seeking to adopt or expand their use of Postgres as its performance and stability have become more widely recognized throughout the industry. New interest in using Postgres for more and larger mission-critical and non-mission critical applications has brought an expanding scope of enterprise requirements for performance, manageability and High Availability.
EDB develops new features, capabilities and products targeting the needs and requirements of the global enterprise. This progress was recognized in the October 2013 Gartner Research report, Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems, where EDB was positioned in the Challenger Quadrant. Stated the report: "The functionality of EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus has increased greatly, and with the Oracle Compatibility Feature is now more than sufficient to run both mission-critical and non-mission-critical applications."
"We have 47 of the Fortune 500 list of global companies and 73 of the Global 1000 in our customer base. These kinds of users have huge demands for their database but they want to use Postgres to reduce their spending on costly, proprietary solutions," said Ed Boyajian, CEO and president of EnterpriseDB. "We're answering their needs by baking into PostgreSQL the enterprise-level features and capabilities global brands need to deploy open source in their environments."
Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3
Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 builds upon community PostgreSQL 9.3, which was released in September, and includes new features for better handling NoSQL-like applications, such as expanded JSON support.
Among the advances EDB has developed for Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 are:
Major performance improvements in partitioning expand the workloads that Postgres Plus Advanced Server is capable of handling, including large datasets that require scaling to hundreds and even thousands of table partitions. In read-only (SELECT) tests, Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 performed 75 times faster than Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.2 version. INSERT tests for a million rows across 1000 partitions showed over 400 percent improvement.
The introduction of materialized views significantly improves the performance of resource-intensive queries, allowing database administrators (DBAs) to pre-select and pre-join commonly requested data and store the results so retrieving the data results in simpler, faster reads.
New RPM packages ease the installation and maintenance of Postgres Plus Advanced Server for DBAs and the growing number of independent software vendors and systems integrators that are embedding EDB software into their products.
Enhanced built-in package support speeds application development by saving developers time in coding operations like making HTTP callouts from the database manually. Instead, developers simply call these packages from the application. These packages have been implemented to be compatible with Oracle to ease migration of such applications into Postgres Plus Advanced Server.
EDB Failover Manager
EDB Failover Manager is the EnterpriseDB's newest in a collection of integrated enterprise-class tools. It addresses what the company says is a gap in the market for a reliable, cost-effective solution to monitor the health of a streaming replication cluster and initiate failover in the event the master database fails.
The new product is critical for meeting High Availability demands. It provides fault-tolerant database clusters, which significantly reduce downtime and helps to ensure data remains available and online if the main database fails. EDB Failover Manager provides cluster monitoring, failure detection and failover mechanisms that can be integrated into a variety of stringent High Availability solutions.
Postgres Enterprise Manager
Postgres Enterprise Manager is an enterprise-class tool for managing, monitoring and tuning large Postgres deployments. With Postgres Enterprise Manager, the company claims database professionals can easily manage more and larger databases across the enterprise from a single, highly customizable and easy-to-use graphical console.
The new capabilities available in Postgres Enterprise Manager 4.0 include customizable dashboards with the ability to control the look and feel as well as the content of monitoring views. The release also adds a series of new monitoring probes and alerts for Log Files, SQL injection attacks and replication configurations (binary streaming, xDB Replication Server and Slony).
Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 and Postgres Enterprise Manager 4.0 are available now. EDB Failover Manager will be released for general availability on December 9, 2013.

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