"EMS Helps To Control Power Consumption"

NC Technologies offers wireless machine monitoring systems (WMMS) to companies that use computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. A WMMS provides real-time information on various facets of machine operations, while a CNC machine cuts and fabricates components by selective removal of material with the assistance of a computer. Automobile manufacturers use this machine extensively for fabricating diesel engines, carburettors and connecting rods for steering columns. It's also used for fabricating boilers, gas turbines, turbine blades etc. in other industry verticals.

NC Technologies recently deployed WMMS at BHEL. Biztech2.0 spoke to V R Hariharan, partner – NC Technologies, to get an insight into this deployment. In the <<first part >> of this interview, various facets were discussed, such as the working of a WMMS, its implementation on the shop floor and the ensuing benefits. In this follow-up, Hariharan sheds light on the hardware and software requirements of a WMMS, the challenges involved in its implementation, and the business verticals that are adopting the technology to improve efficiencies.

What are the software and hardware purchases necessary for a typical WMMS implementation?

NC Max hardware is required to monitor each CNC machine. The number of NC Access Points required depends upon the geographical area being covered, the industry environment and the machine arrangement. However, a minimum of one access point has to be installed. As far as software is concerned, licences are needed for the MMS Online and Offline software. The existing LAN infrastructure can be used for connecting the network from building to building.

What are the main challenges involved in WMMS implementation?

For any wireless LAN network, data security, network coverage and reliability can pose challenges. Our wireless hardware supports 64/128-bit data encryption, thus, making safe data transfer possible. Our company conducts a survey along with the customer’s IT Team to assess signal strength before installing Access Points on the shop floors.

In case of electricity fluctuation, how does the company maintain the efficiency of the digital signal emitted?

The hardware is powered by Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS). The inputs are electrically isolated. Proper signal conditioning and digital isolation circuits are used for the inputs. So the digital signal quality will not be compromised.

Which business verticals can leverage the WMMS?

Industries like auto, aerospace, defense, pump and valve, heavy engineering, machinery, and CNC component manufacturers can leverage the WMMS.

Can you elaborate on the Energy Monitoring System or EMS?

The EMS is a part of the WMMS set up. It includes an energy meter with a LAN interface, which can be connected to the existing LAN network to collect power consumption data instantaneously and store it in the database server. The energy meter inputs are taken from three current sensors installed to measure line current and three lines are connected to the energy meter to measure line voltages.

The related Web application manipulates the data and produces current data and manipulated data in report format. Daily reports can be generated and viewed on the LAN network.

The EMS facilitates monitoring of power consumption to determine usage, prepare demand profiles and identify inefficient electrical equipment. It helps to determine the root cause of electrical problems, analyse the entire electrical distribution system, idenitfy power quality problems like voltage sags and swells and finally troubleshoot the same smoothly.

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Updated Date: Jan 31, 2017 01:46:13 IST