Datacraft Ensures Zero Downtime With VMware's Virtualisation

The partnership has helped save on expensive real estate rentals and capital expenditure without having to expand the server room.

Ritika Dange July 20, 2010 16:54:57 IST
Datacraft Ensures Zero Downtime With VMware's Virtualisation

Virtualisation is a key disruptive technology that is forcing organisations to look at their underlying network and ensure that it supports their virtualisation projects. Taking advantage of this technology, Datacraft applied its expertise in virtualisation and consulting solutions to improve its IT disaster recovery plan. This is how the partnership with VMware came about and the main objective was to ensure the continuation of key business activities.

"Without a robust, high speed network at its core, the data centre cannot evolve to a point where it can effectively support virtualisation and this is forcing organisations to relook their networks in their data centres," says Shailendra Badoni, COO, Datacraft India.

Challenge: Building a Disaster Recovery Data Centre In Limited Space

For Datacraft, the major challenge was building a Disaster Recovery Data Centre(DRDC). The company aimed to house a DRDC, with 33 server's worth of services and applications, within the confines of a small server room in the central business district based office.

A sound disaster recovery plan was imperative for a company as large as Datacraft, as its business operations were highly dependent on the data centre systems. Also, the effort to improve the corporate Business Continuity Plan (BCP) led to a drive to improve and expand their IT Disaster Recovery Plan.

Datacraft, wished to avoid the real estate and network expense of commissioning a new backup data centre, the alternative to which, was to utilise the primary data centre location as a DR site. However, space and cost were two primary constraints for Datacraft. To create a sustainable and reliable DRDC, along with ensuring the continuation of key business activities, Datacraft picked Vmware for the journey.

Implementation Phase

Vmware's virtualisation software addressed most of the challenges that Datacraft was facing. However, a few amendments needed to be made in order to make the implementation 100% successful. This included the addition of several new hardware and software technologies to the DR site, including the following :

  • - SUN Intel servers
  • - VMware ESX server
  • - SUN SAN Storage
  • - Vmware P2v
  • - Vmware Motion

Apart from the above, space and cost being their two primary constraints, Datacraft’s in-house team of Data Centre & Storage Solutions (DCS) experts had to develop and deploy an IT DR project.

"Space and cost were the primary issues we were dealing with. Our DCS team capitalised on its experience gained from assisting clients in the deployment of DRP. A thorough evaluation of the computing resources was done by experts to recover 38 critical IT services. The limited budget and the need for flexibility to ensure the effectiveness of the DRP also had to be taken into consideration," says Badoni.

Host of Benefits

According to Badoni, through Vmware’s software, Datacraft has been benefitted manifold. The virtualised environment has dramatically reduced the risk of a disaster. It has brought about substantial cost savings, which have resulted in cost savings in terms of simplified IT management and more streamlined operations.

"As the company no longer needs to depend on a replica of the production hardware at the DR site, a smaller cluster of servers, running on VMware, can fit within the space constraints. This has helped further reduce efforts to synchronise production and DR server images," adds Badoni.

Datacraft has this way managed to save on expensive real estate rentals and capital expenditure without having to expand their server room. This has resulted in less energy utilisation, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the datacentre.

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