Cyber Attackers Using IPv6 To Tunnel Into Networks

Government must adopt security measures and tools to address IPv6.

hidden May 28, 2010 13:22:54 IST
Cyber Attackers Using IPv6 To Tunnel Into Networks

As global enterprises stand on the brink of IPv4 address exhaustion and the preparedness for migration to IPv6, security concerns related to the latter and the challenges of the migration remain to be addressed.

According to Ron Hulen, CTO, Command Information's Cybersecurity, "As IPv6 deployment and adoption continues to increase, both implementers and security personnel must be aware of the security risks present in IPv6. Security is just not keeping pace with adoption."

According to Hulen, the number of IPv6 vulnerabilities that traditional hardware and software assurance vendors can detect is limited because there are significant differences between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The traffic traversing through IPv6 transition mechanisms is undetectable by today's firewalls and routers stated Hulen.

"Attackers are actively using IPv6 to tunnel into networks. Even if IPv6 is not enabled on the network, many of these security concerns still exist," he continued. When asked how to address these issues, Hulen encouraged businesses and government "to develop security policies and implement security tools to address IPv6 now."

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