Citrix Teams Up With SAP

Citrix Systems, a provider of application delivery infrastructure has announced the results of a new report based on joint performance testing of Citrix solutions conducted at the SAP Enterprise Services Community Networking Lab.

In the tests, which measured the impact of products like Citrix NetScaler, Citrix WANScaler and Citrix Presentation Server, SAP Labs found that Citrix application delivery infrastructure can enhance response times for SAP application users by up to 99% while improving the efficiency of existing servers, networks and bandwidth.

The tests demonstrated that Citrix NetScaler and Citrix WANScaler can improve end-user response times for data-intensive transactions by an average of 80 to 95%. When used together, response times were improved by as much as 99%.

Citrix Presentation Server showed similar benefits, improving end user response times by 50 to 97% while simplifying application management and reducing data security risks.

The results of these tests demonstrate that Citrix"s application delivery infrastructure can help address any network challenges, while enabling IT administrators to reduce cost and complexity for seamless support.

“The SAP Enterprise Services Community launched the Network Services Test Lab in an effort to prove and demonstrate the great benefits of modern network technologies,” said Joerg Nalik, Ph.D., director, Partner Solution Management, SAP Labs. “As business processes grow ever more advanced, application delivery and WAN optimization become areas for increasing focus. Citrix clearly delivers significant network performance and security benefits for SAP customers.”

Updated Date: Apr 25, 2007 16:04:33 IST