Citrix Solutions Help NewsWire18 Provide Faster Services

NewsWire18 Private Limited is a part of the Network18 Group, which has established its name among the leading media houses in the country. After acquiring CRISIL MarketWire Limited, NewsWire18 is providing real time news and updates on the Indian economy and financial markets. It also provides online data feed services to news agencies that require information on local and global exchanges and live updates on various currency rates.

In order to supply higher bandwidth to its client server based applications to provide live updates to its clients, NewsWire18 has deployed a suite of Citrix solutions at its IT backbone. NewsWire18 also has 9 bureaus spread across the country and there was a need to connect them with the head office.

To Handle Future Need For Higher Bandwidth

In a highly competitive environment, even a minute's delay in delivering information can cost a lot to the organisation. Says Yogesh Tripathy, head, Technology, NewsWire18 Private Limited, “In order to provide real time data to our customers, it is very much essential for us to run our mission critical applications without any failure. With the increase in the number of visitors to our website, sometimes we face the problem of network clogging. The applications are based on the TCP/IP communication hosted in an A Class data centre. So it was a major concern for us to think about application acceleration from site to data centre and bandwidth optimisation.”

Resultantly, the company decided to go in for a WanScaler solution to provide high performance application delivery to branch office users.

Collaborating with Orient Technologies

The company evaluated other vendors’ solutions like Terminal services and ThinWorx but decided to go with Citrix solutions. Citrix Presentation Server has been implemented using ADC and SSL certificate which talks to three PS servers. It has also deployed two Citrix NetScaler switches in hot standby mode. Citrix WanScaler 8820 is like a Hub-Spoke model implementation. Central box is in the data centre which interfaces with client side WanScaler boxes.

The solutions have been deployed at the Mumbai data centre and disaster recovery site in Chennai. As Orient Technologies India is the Silver Citrix Solutions advisor, the company decided to take it's help in the implementation process.

Informs Tripathy, “Organisations with many product installations are benefited by WANScaler due to better bandwidth utilisation and faster data delivery. They have an advantage in scalability in available bandwidth. They can afford to install more products without increasing the bandwidth due to the WANScaler data compression capability. We plan to use WANScaler hardware devices for leased-line customers who have a large number of installations; Presentation Server delivery for very low-end Internet clients to save bandwidth and low maintenance pain.”

NewsWire18 is also running a Proof of Concept (POC) for the WanScaler software client for Internet clients. The POC phase of the project is designed to determine the capabilities of the proposed Citrix WanScaler deployment to achieve the vision of the project.

Optimisation Of Bandwidth With Faster Data Delivery

Citrix NetScaler provides a robust connection-optimisation functionality and surge protection capabilities that have ensured a near-seamless user experience. Mapping of multiple IPs into one virtual IP has helped tremendously. Now customers are connected to a single public IP through NetScaler. As the company is growing at a tremendous rate along with the growing customer base, it is now able to provide faster services to its customers. Bandwidth optimisation is also fulfilled. On a 4 MB link, NewsWire18 is getting almost 24 MB throughputs.

Concludes Tripathy, “By saving the support and maintenance cost, bandwidth cost by implementing Presentation Server and WanScalar, we think that in the next three years we will get back our capital expenses incurred. After WanScalar installation, users have never found any type of disconnection through their applications. Of course, by using WAN Optimisation and efficient delivery techniques, we are able to make user experience too good which is a huge plus point for us.”

Updated Date: Apr 08, 2008 15:23:02 IST