Tata Communications, Qualys Launch Vulnerability Management Service

Tata Communications has announced the global availability of its Vulnerability Management Service (VMS). Tata Communications' VMS is part of its Managed Security Services suite and is built upon QualysGuard vulnerability management and compliance solutions.

Tata Communications' VMS provides discovery and mapping of IT assets, asset prioritisation, vulnerability assessment, remediation tracking, and comprehensive reporting. The service automates the process of enterprise vulnerability management and supports policy compliance initiatives.

IT organisations are increasingly driven by the need to comply with regulatory, statutory, industry, and internal requirements such as PCI DSS, SB1386, HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, and the EU Data Privacy Directive. Achieving and maintaining compliance with these requirements demands that IT organisations institute ongoing vulnerability assessment and remediation procedures to ensure reasonable efforts are made to protect data and business processes.

"Business is dependent on the Internet. Increasingly sophisticated threats targeting Internet infrastructure have exploded in recent times. Requirements for ensuring due compliance are increasing. Corporate IT staff are in the unenviable position of having to lower operational risk, improve application availability and assure ongoing compliance to auditors - all in an environment where corporate budgets are tightening," said John Landau, senior vice president of Global Managed Services for Tata Communications.

"Tata Communications' vulnerability management service helps organisations wrap their arms around which critical systems need patching at a reduced total cost of ownership. There is no investment in capital or special skills required. The service allows customers both large and small to offload the grinding technical and operational aspects of vulnerability management while retaining control over decision-making and the actual remediation process."

Tata Communications' VMS enables IT security and system administration staff to leapfrog the complexities around assessment and information management and focus on the remediation tasks that require business and technical judgment, leveraging the automated capabilities that are the foundational element of the new service.

"Managing security risk and compliance initiatives is a challenge that organisations are struggling with on a daily basis" said Philippe Courtot, Qualys CEO. "Our partnership with Tata Communications allows them to offer their global customer base a scalable and cost effective solution to help these organisations improve their security and streamline compliance initiatives. We look forward to working with them."

Updated Date: Jan 31, 2017 01:55:30 IST