Avaya Offers IBM Lotus Users Access To UC Capabilities

IBM Lotus users can communicate and collaborate more efficiently by accessing a broad range of Avaya Unified Communications capabilities from within their Lotus software, as per a recent announcement from Avaya. The seamless integration between the unified communications applications of both Avaya and IBM Lotus streamlines and enhances the user experience to make workers more productive, and helps companies reduce costs and management requirements.

Leveraging the integration between Avaya products and IBM Lotus Sametime software, users can easily access and manage Avaya Unified Communications calling and conferencing capabilities directly from their Lotus desktop. New, integrated telephony presence capabilities allow Lotus users to see whether colleagues are available for a phone conversation and simply click on the name to either call directly, elevate an IM to a live phone conversation, or to add him or her into an ongoing conference. Real-time collaboration is instantly easier when users know when immediate contact is possible and can do so in a single step.

Specifically for Lotus Sametime web conferencing users, integration with Avaya Meeting Exchange provides additional management capabilities through a single unified interface for both audio and Web conferencing. For example, in addition to the ability to click-to-conference multiple parties from Lotus Notes or Sametime, users can see who's joined the call and who's speaking, mute noisy lines or disconnect participants.

Lotus Notes users can also manage voice messages along with e-mail, calendar, tasks and more using Avaya Modular Messaging and their choice of telephone for speech access, a multimedia PC or Web interface from any Internet connection. For example, a user can access e-mails over their phone or mobile device via automated text to speech conversion and subsequently reply to the e-mail with an attached voice message. They can also review and schedule meetings, request the system to read specific e-mails and more using voice as a medium.

Updated Date: Jan 31, 2017 02:06:29 IST