Beck Technology launches Beck Friends to disrupt global logistics space

Sending a parcel aboard, regardless of the size of the package, can often be a hassle for the sender – the process is not transparent, there are often issues with the weight of the package, and the charges are often exorbitant. It is to address these concerns that Beck, a start-up that focuses on simplifying global logistics requirements through technology, has announced the launch of Beck Friends, its global peer-to-peer logistics marketplace.



Beck Friends is aimed at creating a simple, flexible, cost-effective platform for delivery solutions that reaches out to a global consumer base, according to a press release. Moreover, it also gives an opportunity to the user delivering the package to earn while they travel. With the platform, Beck is looking to disrupt the global logistics market through technology and help its users in sending anything anywhere economically by bringing in a community-led approach.

Speaking on the announcement, Deep Malhotra, Co-founder, Beck Technology Ventures, said, We would like to disrupt the current logistics ecosystem through a habit-changing technology. A person's time is always valued more than money, and if we are able to give them a solution that values their time and also offers convenience, we are home. It is the kind of product that will have an organic growth as it is connecting users for a mutual benefit, and anything that grows organically is a good long term business to be in.”

The process for requesting and offerings services on Beck Friends is very simple. Users add requests in the location they choose, providing the details of pickup & delivery along with the package details and the picture of the package to be delivered. The platform’s algorithm then gives an estimated pricing based on factors such as the time requested for delivery, the package size and the distance. Other users can then respond to the request, which delivers a notification to the sender and gives him/her an option to see the Facebook profile of the user interested in making the delivery. Once the interested party is approved by the sender, numbers are then exchanged through SMS. This ensures privacy as well as establishes trust for both parties involved.

Beck’s latest launch comes on the back of the recent launch of its intra-city instant delivery app, which is currently operational in Mumbai and live on iOS and Android platforms. The app has received an impressive response from the consumers, and has recently reached the milestone of 1000 deliveries in a month. With its Friends platform now live, Beck will be looking to further enhance the logistics landscape in India and across the world.

“Indian tech-enabled logistics start-ups attracted a funding of over $700 million in 2015. This year is touted to be the year of consolidation, and a product like Beck Friends can be the perfect platform to do so. Consolidating various players, along with peers, will give the user the flexibility to choose the best option according to their requirements,” adds Malhotra.


Updated Date: Apr 05, 2016 17:14 PM