Airtel issues clarification after subscriber's 'discriminatory request', says company did not succumb to 'religious' or other biases

After reports in the media and being slammed on Twitter for giving in to the 'discriminatory request' by a subscriber, Airtel has issued a clarification stating that what was reported was 'mostly untrue and factually incorrect'.

The letter leaves it to the reader to decide if the telecom company gave in to the 'discriminatory request'. Airtel also refrained from putting out the name of its official spokesperson so that the letter it issued could be read 'free of religous and caste overtones'.

The incident that the telecom company is referring to that landed it in a Twitter controversy on Monday (18 June) evening was after a woman posted that she did not want to interact with a customer resolution officer as he was a Muslim. In response to this tweet, a man named Gaganjot took the conversation forward, leading many to accuse the company of not standing up to 'bigotry.'

Following the conversation, many people expressed outrage, saying that they wanted to quit their Airtel connection.

Speaking to Firstpost, an Airtel spokesperson then said, "The first tweet (posted by Shoaib) was a standard response. As per procedure, if a customer is not happy with a resolution officer, another person takes over. We are not pandering to anyone's religious biases."

Updated Date: Jun 20, 2018 11:14:55 IST