8 things you need to know about Rajeev Suri, Nokia's new CEO

After Satya Nadella became Microsoft's new CEO, another Indian is gearing up to head a global company. Finnish mobile maker Nokia has announced Rajeev Suri as its CEO, effective today. Nokia had agreed to sell its handset division to Microsoft, with the deal concluding last week.

Here is all you need to know about Rajeev Suri:

1) Suri, 46, helped the network equipment division, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN), turn profitable with a drastic restructuring plan and by ditching unprofitable businesses.

2) As part of the restructuring, Suri shifted NSN's focus to network function virtualisation and software-defined networking.

 8 things you need to know about Rajeev Suri, Nokias new CEO

Image: Nokia

3) He has cut about 28,000 jobs as part of a restructuring exercise, after Nokia's fortunes as a phone maker declined. According to this Bloomberg report, the company will have 42,000 staff by the end of this month, down from 50,500 as of June 2013.

4) Suri has been focused on turning the company profitable. "I'm not a believer in finding scale through being end to end and therefore spreading your resources in R&D and sales and marketing very thinly. We are now in the mode of continuous improvement," he told Bloomberg.

5) Suri has 25 years of experience in telecommunications industry. He was appointed CEO of NSN in 2009. Before that, Suri was leading the services business of Nokia Siemens Networks. According to the company website, he has lead the Asia-Pacific region when the company was witnessing significant growth in both product and service sales. He has dealt with important customers such as Hutchison and also managed products, such as the early cellular transmission portfolio of Nokia, the website said.

6) Suri joined Nokia in 1995. Before that he has worked in ICL India, the RPG group and also the Churchgate group of Nigeria.

7) He was educated at Mangalore University. He has a bachelor of engineering in electronics and telecommunications, Manipal Institute of Technology.

8) Challenge: With failing handset division having moved to Microsoft , analysts believe Nokia will be able to focus on telecom infrastructure and cloud business. Suri's big challenge will be to effectively cash in on the emerging 4G and 3G opportunities in markets like India.

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Updated Date: Apr 29, 2014 10:35:49 IST