10 things about Dunkin' Donuts launch in India

Foodies, rejoice! Dunkin' Donuts, a leading US food chain, has opened its first flagship store in Connaught Place in New Delhi.

The Indian unit of the US food chain is a joint venture betweenDunkin' Brands Group and India's Jubilant Foodworks, which also owns the franchise for Domino's Pizza.

Here are 10 things about the brand's launch:

1) In India, it will be branded as "Dunkin' Donuts and More", because a doughnut-eating culture is not yet widespread in India. So, outlets here are expected to serve hot beverages and sandwiches as well.

 10 things about Dunkin Donuts launch in India

2) The company plans to open 10 stores in this current financial year. All of them will be in New Delhi. About 80-100 outlets will be opened across the country over the next five years, which will be a mix of flagship stores, stores in malls and kiosks.

3) "Dunkin' Donuts and More" will debut in Mumbai only in 2013-2014, according to The Wall Street Journal. Tough luck, Mumbaikars.

4) The Indian debut will cost about $1.8 million (about Rs 9.5 crore) and there are plans to invest about $2.3 million (about Rs 12 crore) more on stores and manufacturing facilities this year, according to Ajay Kaul, chief executive officer of Jubilant FoodWorks.

5) To cater to the Indian palate, Dunkin's India menu will include vegetarian options, sandwiches with Indian spices and fillings, fruit milkshakes and smoothies with flavours such as Alphonso mango and litchi. Hungry, kya?

6) A big focus for Dunkin' in India will be coffee, which has become increasingly popular in India, a traditionally tea-loving nation. Indeed, the coffee/cafe market is facing increasing competition by the day. Globally, Dunkin Donuts' derives more than half its business from coffee sales, which is why it will be more in competition with chains like Starbucks, which will also debut in India by opening an outlet in India in August.

7) Dunkin's India launch is part of the company's broader strategy to expand in the Asia-Pacific region. The company, which is present in 52 countries, in March announced plans to open over 300 shops in Asia over the next few years. No surprises there, every top brand is targeting India and China.

8 ) In India, Dunkin is pricing its doughnuts at Rs 45 and coffee at Rs 70, according to media reports. A Jubilant Foodworks group official was quoted as saying the aim was to launch an "affordable" brand in India. The food chain aims to price its products 10-15 percent lower than competitors to acquire scale in its Indian operations.

9) Dunkin' Donuts is being targeted at urban consumers below 35 years old. The rest of us, of course, have to watch our calories.

10) Internationally, Dunkin' Donuts offers more than 1,000 varieties of doughnuts, along with fritters, crullers, bagels, muffins, danish pastries, muffins and biscuits.

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 08:12:53 IST