Personal finance sector Budget 2020

In the 2019-20 Interim Budget Finance Minister Piyush Goyal proposed an array of incentives for both middle-class and farmers. Making a big populist push in its final budget before elections, the Narendra Modi-government exempted people with an earning of up to Rs 5 lakh from payment of income tax, announced an annual cash dole-out of Rs 6,000 to small farmers and provided a monthly pension of Rs 3,000 to workers in the unorganised sector. Over 3 crore salaried class, pensioners, self-employed and small businesses with total income of up to Rs 5 lakh will save Rs 10,900 in income tax annually after considering the relief Goyal provided in form of a 'rebate'. For those making investments of Rs 1.5 lakh in tax saving instruments, the tax-free income would be Rs 6.5 lakh.

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