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The Volvo Philosophy:

Volvo has always stood by a ‘people first’ philosophy, and all its efforts as well as its products are designed to make people’s lives better, easier and safer. The well-being of not only the driver and the passenger, but also of anyone near and around the car is something that drives the Volvo brand. This is exactly why the #BreatheFree initiative is a natural extension of the brand. #BreatheFree is not merely a slogan, but a sincere effort by Volvo to make sure everyone and anyone gets access to clean, breathable air, through technology and solutions that are safe and sustainable.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. That was our motto for things we did last year, to combat the rising pollution. With filters for everyone and CleanZones for our protectors, it looked like we avoided a looming fear.

But we knew, it's not enough.

We tightened our belt and together we felt, Volvo wanted to help everyone. With renewable energy, material and an all-electric range. But we knew, it's not enough.

This year, we pulled ideas together and wanted to do more. With filters on school busses that protected our junior masses and also cleaned the air outdoor. Volvo understands the problem is greater than one person. So, we recharged our strategies to help bring back clear air so that everyone can #BreatheFree.

Sustainability, Always:

Volvo’s aim to have electric cars making up 50 per cent of sales by 2025 has been widely covered. Their plan to reduce CO2 emissions per car by 40 percent between now and 2025 is one of the first tangible steps towards a long-term goal of becoming climate neutral by 2040. This ambition builds on Volvo’s 2017 industry-first announcement that all new models released from 2019 will be available as either a mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicle. When it comes to dealing with carbon emissions, just electrification of tailpipe emissions is never going to be enough; and Volvo is cognizant of that fact. Their climate ambitions go much higher, which is why they are streamlining their manufacturing network and supply chain for reduced emissions as well, along with a renewed approach to recycling and reuse of materials wherever necessary and possible.

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Walk the talk:

Smog and pollution is a threat that we can no longer afford to ignore. It is ever-so present, and dangerously getting worse. While there are air-purifiers for your home, people also spend a majority of our time travelling in cars, on the pollution-ridden roads. This is where Volvo’s unique CleanZone initiative comes into play. Under this approach, Volvo has taken steps towards creating innovative solutions to improve the quality of air in the car, making for a healthier driving environment since 1998.

Plug-In Hybrids in India:

For Volvo, luxury and sustainability walk hand-in-hand. They are one of the few luxury car brands in India which offers a sustainable mobility solution to its buyers. The XC90 Excellence is a true plug-in hybrid which is being loved in India and growing strongly towards a healthier tomorrow. It manifests a luxury experience that is quintessentially Volvo.

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Social Initiatives:

People first. This philosophy for Volvo would not come to fruition unless they work towards making people’s lives better, safer and easier. Towards that end, Volvo has been actively working towards making the environment better through technology, innovations as well as social initiatives.