The #BreatheFree initiative by Volvo is about crafting technology and creating solutions that make sustainable living accessible for everyone, and provides everyone with a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable future.

Season 1 was about protecting the kids from a pollution-ridden environment. In this year's initiative, we are looking forward to enabling them.


Pledges taken

Calling out to the

voices of the future

Your time to speak is now.
  • Today’s youth is bursting with ideas to save the world. If you are or know someone who is 8-17 years old, with an innovative idea to combat pollution and help us move towards sustainable living, tell us. We will help your innovation come alive.

Entries opening soon...

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Effect of air pollution on children in India

  • Leads to lower memory and IQ*

    Source: UNICEF Report, 2017

  • Prolonged exposure to smog leads to vitamin D-deficiency, weakening bones in children*

    Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 2013

  • Lower maximal lung functional capacity*

    Source: World Health Organization, 2005

  • Makes kids more susceptible to infections and the toxic effects of air pollutants as adults*

    Source: World Health Organization, 2005

Volvo Breathe Free Season 1

Here’s a quick recap of Volvo’s #BreatheFree initiative from last year.

Impact highlights:

  • 15 Mn

    Views on Campaign Video
  • 16

    Dealership Workshops
  • 10

    School Workshops
  • 2.6k

    Purifying Membranes created in schools
  • 1k

    Purifying Membranes distributed in areas of need
  • 500k

    Purifying Membranes distributed through newspapers
  • Clean Zones created for Traffic Cops