This is what you need to know about the innovative entrepreneurs at Pulse the Venture

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This is what you need to know about the innovative entrepreneurs at Pulse the Venture

The following article is an initiative of Pulse The Venture and is intended to create awareness among the readers.

It’s a fact universally acknowledged today is the best time to be an entrepreneur in India. India is following the Silicon Valley suit and has evolved as one of the most prominent start up hubs in the world. Thanks to the government’s initiatives like Make in India and Digital India, investors are now eager to fuel the dreams of budding entrepreneurs with money.

Taking a cue from this, Network 18 ha partnered with DS Group to come out Pulse the Venture, a unique TV reality show. Unlike many other reality shows, at Pulse the Venture, the winner stands a chance to win seed funding of Rs 1 crore for her/his start up.

“The last two years have been the start of a cleansing process, and there is a certain degree of introspection. People are moving away from thinking about valuation to thinking about the business model,” said Shereen Bhan is Managing Editor of CNBC-TV18.

In this show, the participants need to prove how different and disruptive their business ideas are. The platform not only provides them with seed funding but brings them in eyes of established entrepreneurs for guidance and venture capitalists for further funding.

The reality platform reached out to nascent entrepreneurs, specifically across MBA and Engineering colleges, to give India’s future visionaries an opportunity to present their ideas. The call for entries began from January to April 2017. During this time, promotions for the programme were carried out on-air, on-line as well as on-ground through a College Contact Program conducted in top 10 colleges of India’s top 10 cities. 24 of India’s brightest ideators seen on the show were shortlisted after a rigorous selection process spanning months.

Each episode on witnessed 4 contestant’s pitching their ideas to the esteemed jury, who after much due deliberation either ‘ventured in’ or ‘ventured out’ the participants. Through this process, ‘Pulse The Venture’ arrived at 4 national finalists who will face-off with industry experts in front of a six member panel.

Let’s find out about the top 4 who believe participating in this event will enable to scale up their dreams of new venture.

Irfan Pathan

Irfan Pathan completed his education in Pune with a degree in MBA Finance. A serial entrepreneur for the last 10 years with experience in various fields ranging from mining, exports, FMCG to Clean Tec, Irfan has come up with Pi Green Tech Solutions along with Zuber Shaikh and Rijwan Shaikh.

Pi Green Tech Solutions provide Carbon Cutter Machine (Patent pending) and Anti-Pollution Tower (Patent Pending) to counter the global menace of Particulate Matter Pollution.

This Pune based start up is engaged in the business of developing simple and practical solutions for Pollution control. The company has developed innovative solutions that could be used for materially reducing the emission of the dangerous Particulate Matter PM 2.5 , PM 10 arising on account of fuel burning and various other essential activities.

Pankaj Parashar

Pankar Parashar has created SCINTIGLO. An MBBS graduate Pankaj was moved by the misery of underprivileged people. Currently pursuing PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Pankaj conceptualised SCINTIGLO, the smart point of care diagnostic device for quantitative urine protein estimation. Parashar got a generous financial support from Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and a prototype was developed, which got through the clinical validation at AIIMS.

Abhijit Das

Abhijit Das, a practising neurologist and a serial inventor has developed CEREBROS, a wearable neuromonitoring device using multi-modal technologies (EEG+NIRS) to continuously scan the brain at point-of-care. Neurological diseases are increasing rapidly in countries like India and brain is the most sensitive organ in human body. Timely diagnosis of Neurological emergencies, depends upon accessibility to neuroimaging facilities, such as CT/MRI. But these technologies are least penetrative at point-of-care among all medical technologies, as they are non-portable, costly and needs highly skilled technicians/doctors to interpret the report. CEREBROS is a comprehensive solution for early screening and triaging neurological emergency at point of care, by any healthcare professional, so that patients are benefited from advances in neurological interventions which need to be administered within golden-hour.

Santosh Ram Somasundaram

Santosh Ram Somasundaram co-founded DRIVAMP with support from Intel India Maker Lab in Bangalore in 2016. DRIVAMP was founded with a vision to make products and services that would enable the electric vehicle revolution. The aim of Somasundaram is to design and develop smart charging stations (EVSE’s) for business’s looking to become EV charging station operators. DRIVAMP has developed charging stations to be compatible with all possible vehicles in the market, thereby creating an open charging network.

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