This artist painting a car takes art to a whole new level!

Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad – Salvador Dali.

The process of drawing is almost magical. It gives us a new perspective of objects around us. Place the objects that inspire you in your preferred arrangement and then capture it. This magical process has recently gone through an evolution that makes the adjective ‘magical’ even more apt.

The introduction of tilt brush by Google has completely revolutionized the process of drawing. Few strokes from the tilt brush can create a life-sized, three-dimensional representation of any object. Although in order to see and produce your magnificent creations you need a particular type of virtual reality headset. Various brushes, colours, and materials can be selected from a virtual palette and users can walk through and around their creations.

 This artist painting a car takes art to a whole new level!

Like every pen needs a page, every platform needs talent, and Eric D’ Souza fits the bill just right. Eric is a Contemporary Visual Artist and a man of many accomplishments. He has been featured in Top 5 Artists by GQ, India and is an international award-winning tattoo artist. Eric’s latest virtual creation was a result of an intrigue. The source of this fascination was Skoda’s crystalline design in their new Skoda Rapid. When Eric was asked to participate in the Skoda Design Project he decided to convert his intrigue into art. He chose tilt brush to envision his interpretation of the new crystalline design Skoda Rapid.

Not unlike tilt brush, Skoda’s crystalline design has brought a dramatic change in car design jostling away from conventional ideas and reforming itself to create a design that moves.  All the edges and lines are clear, precise and sharp; crystalline design elements accentuate the exterior. The interplay of light and shadow creates powerful effects on the strikingly chiselled surfaces.

The collaboration between Skoda and Eric D’ Souza for the Skoda design project resulted in a harmony of progressive art. The concoction of tilt brush and crystalline design was simply clever. The new crystalline Skoda Rapid was the first car to be brought to life using tilt brush, and you can watch Eric create his virtual interpretation of the new Skoda Rapid below.

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Updated Date: Dec 28, 2016 18:09:44 IST