These 5 things that can make a baby grumpy

Keeping your baby comfy is a surefire way to ensure they’re happy and minimize any tearful meltdowns.

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These 5 things that can make a baby grumpy

Babies, especially newborns, can be temperamental little beings and trying to read into their cries and calm them down is near impossible at times. That’s why preemptive measures to ensure that your little one is happy and snug are always a better option than trying to find a solution when he or she is already in the throes of a screaming marathon.

Keeping your baby comfy is a surefire way to ensure they’re happy and minimize any tearful meltdowns. Sure, it won’t ensure your baby doesn’t cry just for the sake of it (ask any parent, they’ll testify it happens!) But a few tips can drastically reduce their overall crankiness.

These 5 things that can make a baby grumpy

Here is what you need to know about the most common reasons why babies get irritable and how to nip these issues in the bud to prevent tearful escalations.

A Dirty Diaper

Regularly check and change your baby’s diaper to ensure it isn’t soiled. No one likes hanging around feeling filthy. Babies are no exception. A soaked diaper can make your baby feel all icky and grumpy, causing them to cry and fuss. Diapers usually need to be changed every two to three hours but checking on it every hour or so and changing as soon as needed can do well to keep your baby in good spirits.

The Need to Be Cuddled

Babies find cuddling soothing. It makes them feel safe and secure. Engaging with your baby by holding and playing with them can placate any feelings of loneliness or fear. Invest in a sling or baby carrier so that you can have your baby on you while having your hands free to get other things done. Talking to your baby is also a great way to engage them and reassure them that you are there, even when you are doing something such as cooking and can’t hold them.

Teething Pain

Teething can be particularly hard on tiny humans as their sharp little teeth are making their way through delicate gums. While you can’t do anything to prevent this process, you can help ease the pain by giving your baby special teething toys that they can chew on. Keeping these toys in the fridge to cool for a while can also help soothe the pain when your baby’s gums come in contact with the cool surface.

Dry Skin

Baby skin is extremely new and delicate. Everything from diapers to bedding, the environment to grooming products can have an adverse effect on their skin, drying it out and making it extremely uncomfortable as rashes and skin irritation develop. That’s why you need to use specially-formulated baby products such as those from Baby Dove for your infant’s moisturizing needs. The Baby Dove Rich Moisture range has everything you need for your child’s bath time routine, including baby massage oil, soap bars, nourishing baby lotion, baby wash and shampoo. With special, soothing ingredients for your baby’s skin to stay supple and soft, these products are all paediatrician and dermatologically-approved to ensure your child remains comfortable and clean.


Sometimes, babies don’t even know why they’re crying. If nothing appears to soothe your infant it could be that they are just exhausted – (doesn’t everyone get a bit cranky when they’ve not slept?) If your baby is rubbing their eyes when wailing you can be pretty certain that he or she needs a nap. Cuddling or walking with them and patting them in a soothing manner can help them relax and doze off.

A clean, cuddled and well-rested baby is usually a happy baby, but do remember that sometimes babies just… well… cry. Unless you think they’re in distress or sick, you shouldn’t worry too much. It may take a few tries but eventually, they will calm down. As your child grows, you will also learn better how to read their signs and signals, as well as what soothes them best.

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