Take another step towards good health with a cup of Tetley Green Tea!

Your job is the reason why you’re overeating! One of the major causes of you stuffing your mouth with food which is either deep fried or highly sweetened is stress which you’ll find in abundance at work. You often find yourself in the office pantry holding a half-eaten pack of cookies. And later, you devour that piece of chocolate cake your co-worker offered you for some occasion without a second thought!


Okay, calm down and stop rolling your chair away from your computer screen. We know it’s a hard topic to discuss but packing on pounds while trying to be successful is a bitter reality that needs to be dealt with. Now, the best way to lose weight is to maintain a good diet and exercise regularly. If you want to add a little boost of health, then you can combine the two with a cup of green tea. A cup of Tetley green tea is not only a great beverage but also has a whopping five times the antioxidants of an apple – and considering antioxidants are damage-fighting elements that clean your system from the inside.

We can’t think of a single good reason not to add Tetley green tea to your diet. Although Tetley green tea cannot reverse the effects of unhealthy diets, it will help you balance the bad with the good. So, if you’re aiming to get healthy, then the best way is to eat a balanced meal and maintaining an active lifestyle. If you are already eating a balanced diet, then you’ll only be getting an added boost of health with Tetley green tea.

But what are antioxidants and why are they important?


To understand antioxidants, you’ve got to first understand what they’re fighting, and that’s oxidation. Think of oxidation as cellular ageing, something that’s exacerbated by a compound called free radicals. Free radicals are the bad guys – highly reactive compounds that attach to and ultimately damage healthy cells in your body. They can be formed due to external triggers like smoking, pollution or stress, but the body also generates them internally.

When we eat or drink certain foods that contain antioxidants, they’re released in the body through digestion and then travel through the bloodstream and into the cells, where they then help to ward off cell damage by ‘cleaning up’ your cells and getting rid of free radicals.

And that’s where green tea comes in! So the next time you reach out for your pack of Tetley green tea, remember – not only are you treating yourself to a refreshing beverage, you’re also doing some good to your body from inside! So hurry, take a step towards good health and get your very own pack of Tetley green tea here.

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Updated Date: Apr 09, 2018 13:52:58 IST

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