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Photography begins at home

Photography is often interpreted as an outdoor activity and we assume that for good photography travel is necessary. While travel photography is a genre in itself, and travellers have to photograph their travels, photography does not necessarily involve travel. Even if you are not a pro with a studio to shoot in, you can still make your images in your very own abode. Yes, photography begins at home for many.

 Photography begins at home
One of the most important locations in your life, if not the top one, is your home. You spend much of your life here. This is where your family is, your past, present and future, all coexist here. In every little part of your home, there's a story waiting to be captured.
So, how to go about it? Start with a weekly plan. The first week, start with the childhood you have left behind. Bring out the toys, the broken crayons, half coloured drawings and anything that reminds you of the best part of your life (If you haven't kept yours, you can always borrow from your kid). Arrange these articles differently, look for the ideal light. Create your own light by using torches and other light sources.

Next, look into the lives of your family – your parents, siblings, spouse, kids, pets, all are protagonists in the story of your life. Yes, you see them every day, but try to look at them through the viewfinder, and things will look different. Bring out their best smiles, frowns, and off-guard moments. These will be cherished in the future years.

Moving on, look for the different locations within your home. I find the kitchen most interesting; don't fret if yours is as messy as mine, just search for interesting close ups and angles, anything that doesn't show the mess!

 The half cut veggies, the semi cooked pasta, water-drops on containers can all be simple, yet challenging subjects. Try to make things appear other than what they normally do. That's your contribution.
There are patterns and geometry everywhere around you. Try to discover them through the viewfinder.
The old curios collected from your trips, gifts from people who matter and there but rarely noticed small articles can all become something else given the right light and place in a frame. Every little thing in your house demands attention and can make interesting subjects. You can enhance the effect by using tricks like multiple exposures, long exposures, zoom bursts etc.
Staying at home should never limit your photography. If you are hungry to create great images, start at your home, a whole new world is waiting to be discovered!
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Updated Date: Sep 19, 2017 12:29:32 IST

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