OPPO Reno 2 is all set to be launched & here's everything you need to know about it

Smartphone giant OPPO is prepared to drop yet another spectacular phone Reno2 in the market. Reno2 is putting professional cameras to shame with its powerful quad-cam combination and hybrid image stabilization technology. OPPO has already established itself as a leading brand and has made its mark as one of the most trustworthy and dynamic companies in the industry. And this phone stands true to its reputation. With the launch event just around the corner on August 28, 2019, Let us delve right into the phone specifications and see what makes Reno2 a must-buy.

 OPPO Reno 2 is all set to be launched & heres everything you need to know about it

1) Stellar Camera Quality

Customers today want superior camera technology more than anything. A phone jam-packed with DSLR like photography, Reno2 is a class apart. OPPO has never shied away from making cameras that become the talk of the town and Reno2's camera specifications will make you want to buy it right away.

To start with the Reno2 has quad camera setup. It proudly dons 48MP+13MP+8MP+2MP with a full focal length imaging system. Along with that, it comes with a 20X digital zoom to capture the finest of details. Four-in-one-pixel technology with larger pixel size enables the users to take brighter and clear pictures at different lighting scenarios

2) Lighting Fast Charging Consumers can now forget power backups as its 4000mAh battery is supported with VOOC 3.0 to ensure super-fast charge. Specially designed for people with power-packed schedules, the VOOC 3.0 comes with upgraded VFC fast charging algorithm significantly cutting down the time needed to charge the battery. Also, smart app freezing, freezes the application in the background to save more power. 3) Ultra Video Stabilization Technology Ultra-Video stabilization improves the stability of pictures and videos taken by users. A perfect choice for vloggers and avid media influencers, this phone makes your videos stand out from the rest. The frame rate of 60fps greatly enhances the image stabilization effect, fluency, and image quality. This improves the stability of pictures and video taken by users under various motion and traffic scenarios

4) Ultra Night Mode

Customers would be happy to know that Reno2 comes with an advanced Ultra Night Mode. This means that if the environmental brightness is below 3lux, the Ultra Night Mode helps to take pictures that are clear even when you can’t see your surroundings clearly. Compared with previous technology the mode optimizes skin tone and portraits are brighter with better bright light suppression with more vivid colours

5) Sleek-Slim Appearance

The new OPPO Reno series will provide you with unparalleled experience and surely make head turns with its sleek and bad boy looks. The series is constructed from a single piece of 3D curved glass that adorns the 5th Generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass which makes the phone sturdy and durable.  Further, the 6.5 inch Dynamic AMOLED Panoramic screen packs an in-display fingerprint unlock 3.0 which will have the latest G3 optical sensor fingerprint unlocking technology for faster unlocks. OPPO Reno2 will come in two exciting colours – Ocean Blue and Luminous Black.


This combination of the stellar camera coupled with lightning-fast charging and snapdragon 730 processor makes the OPPO Reno2 stand out from the competition.  Coupled with Quad-cam feature, 20x Digital Zoom, Ultra Dark Mode, Wide Angle support and AI Noise Reduction OPPO Reno2 is surely a recommended buy.

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Updated Date: Aug 23, 2019 13:00:55 IST