One faith binds us all because we are #UnitedByPlay

FP Studio January 26, 2019 08:36:55 IST
One faith binds us all because we are #UnitedByPlay

It was a rare slow day at work, and after getting lunch, I decided to scroll through Facebook. I know it's not the most constructive activity, but one video made my decision worth it. Titled 'United By Play' this video seemed pretty unassuming in the beginning but only a few seconds in, things were looking a bit sketchy.

A group of men belonging to a particular faith were slowly gathering one by one, and this was noticed by another man belonging to a different faith. He informed a group of people belonging to his faith about this gathering. At this point in the video, a million thoughts were going through my head and none of them positive.

These two groups armed with sticks, bricks and bottles headed towards each other with faces devoid of any expression. I believed that an ugly altercation was inevitable and that this might be the new reality of our country. When these two groups finally came face-to-face, I thought about scrolling down, but the atmosphere suddenly took a different turn.

The blank faces broke into a smile, and the sticks and bricks turned into something amazing. I was taken aback with what had transpired but at the same time, I couldn't stop myself from giggling.

This video taught me that our beliefs might be different, but 'One Faith' binds us all. United Colors of Benetton has always had an unconventional approach to marketing. From its multiracial billboards in the 80s to the #UnitedByPlay campaign, United Colors of Benetton not only believes in pushing fashion boundaries but also social.

You can watch the video here.

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