Oh dear God No! Amul's 'Kool' TVC mauls the brand

When I close my eyes and think of Amul I see butter and a girl in a polka-dotted dress. A family having breakfast seated around a dining table. Peals of laughter. And I hear "pass me the butter" in every Indian language and dialect. It's a pleasant reverie. All is good in this world.

 Oh dear God No! Amuls Kool TVC mauls the brand

A great travesty has happened. It almost feels like one of our idols has been vandalized.

When I open my eyes I see bare bellied babes trying to seduce me into having a drink, it's like suddenly seeing my elegant, saree-clad grandmother in a bikini swinging around a pole. It's shocking and revolting. Watch TVC here.

A brand built painstakingly over the years through a great product, clever advertising and, most importantly, a movement from the heart of India. A brand that has become part of our everyday lives. The ultimate family brand that everyone shares and spreads. How dare anyone take liberties with such an iconic brand?

I can visualize the client and the agency sitting around and discussing how they think the brand has become fuddy-duddy. How consumers are bored of the polka-dotted dress wearing girl. And the kids from the new generation who don't want to have anything to do with the brand. And a planner presenting how the brand has great brand recall scores and could be extended to a drink for hip teenagers who go to Dubai and get off on sand dunes. Or maybe, it's just that the client and creative director decided to have a good time.

Whatever it is, a great travesty has happened. It almost feels like one of our idols has been vandalized. All involved: client, copy-writer, art director, creative director, planner, the entire agency should never ever be allowed to come near a brand again.

Updated Date: Dec 21, 2014 04:35:40 IST