Multiple currencies, one card to travel safe and worry-free


  • Make sure your family is covered, wherever they go
  • A Multicurrency Forex card is cost effective, convenient  and  comes with no additional mark up for cash withdrawals abroad

With more disposable income, the decreasing cost of air travel and appealing travel packages, holidaying abroad is getting more attractive.

With a thirst to explore, many of us are keen to take our family to a new destination — which is a big commitment in terms of planning and expense.

So, here are some top tips to help you make the most of your holiday:

Before You Go

  1. Avoid the need to carry multiple currencies. A Standard Chartered Multicurrency Forex Card helps you save on the cross currency markup charges on debit and credit card transactions overseas.
  2. You can load the card with up to 20 currencies and simply swipe it to pay. Instantly available and with an online reload facility, it ensures convenience.

    Lock in the exchange rate when you load the card and make cash withdrawals abroad with no additional mark-up.

  1. Scan family passports, identity cards, health and travel insurance policies and other important documents, then email the PDFs to yourself and a trusted friend at home. If you lose them, you have all the information quickly at hand.
  2. Don’t leave home without travel insurance. It safeguards your family against minor mishaps and large-scale emergencies. The Standard Chartered Multicurrency Forex Card comes with pre-loaded insurance cover, including protection against misuse of a lost or stolen card, personal accident insurance and even the loss of baggage or personal documents.

Furthermore, Standard Chartered Premium Banking Clients can get the Forex Card for free!


While You Are Away

  1. Always be security conscious. Split your cards and cash and leave half in the safe so you always have a backup in case of loss.
  2. Be rewarded for overseas spends. The SuperValue Titanium Credit Card offers 5X reward points on overseas spends.
  3. Follow the locals. Touristy restaurants do not always offer the best food — or the best prices. Find out where the locals eat for a much better (and cheaper) experience.
  4. Manage your finances even on holidays. Sign up for mobile banking to enable your bills to be paid on time — even if you are miles away from a branch.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your finances make the most of your next trip!

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Updated Date: Aug 24, 2017 18:45 PM

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