Leaked: This phone might just have the best selfie camera ever!

Leaked: This phone might just have the best selfie camera ever!

Partnered March 22, 2018 15:32:50 IST
Leaked: This phone might just have the best selfie camera ever!

Leaked This phone might just have the best selfie camera ever

You pride yourself on being a selfie-lover and that’s great, because we’ve found a phone which is sure to add some more spice to your selfie-taking-addiction. This mysterious phone, the OPPO F7 is all set to launch soon, and its host of features are all set to give the world of selfie technology some tough competition.

For the very first time, a smart-phone will sport a Sony 576, 25Megapixel (MP) selfie camera, which promises clearer images even under varying light conditions. And in addition to facial recognition based on skin-tone and colour, the phone’s software will recognize you on the basis of your sex, age, and even by your arm and neck, which is just intriguing. According to your skin-tone, the software will give you appropriate beautification suggestions from a range of 80million options. But this is not only good news for the girls, a male beatification feature ensures that a guy’s beard is detailed and that there is no blush on his face, while the brightness and the freckle treatment features are toned down.  The group selfie which is an all-time favourite is equipped with different beautification features for all your companions, all customized on the basis of each one’s skin-tone, and gender.

But all this is an immediate fix to creating a perfect selfie. There’s much more. When you edit your pictures with the OPPO F7 Album editor you have eight different tools to play with, inclusive of smoothening your face, lightening or darkening your skin tone, and clearing acne. But you don’t have to go through this mammoth task each time you click a picture, instead, with OPPO F7's AI learning feature, you just have to record your preferences while editing once, and it then applies it to the beautification settings whenever you take a selfie. This ensures consistency in every selfie. For example, if a user likes big eyes, and a warm tone, she has to just set it as her preferred option, and it will pre-set itself the next time she takes a selfie. Also as you continue to take pictures and edit, the software learns your preferences, auto-customizing it in the future.

The smart-phone is also equipped with real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology with fresh features like AR (Augmented Reality) Stickers. With the help of AI recognition, the camera software recognizes your face and gives you options for AR stickers. What’s really cool is that these stickers can be used for photos and videos alike, and they can be previewed while taking a picture. This feature does not require the user to download a separate application, it is inbuilt and is updated continuously. The phone’s HDR technology takes three pictures at a time, one over-exposed, normal and one under-exposed, it then combines the three into one to perfect the detailing of the picture.

OPPO F7 takes personalization of selfies to a whole new level of crazy, from giving you moisturized skin, bigger and shiny eyes, to a well-defined nose bridge, and the phone’s software gives you a face which is naturally beautiful.

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