Is your house baby safe? Check the front door!

This video door phone is designed to add an extra layer of security and convenience to the life of a busy parent.

FP Studio January 30, 2019 12:21:55 IST
Is your house baby safe? Check the front door!

Parents of infants and toddlers have more than one reason to lose sleep on. As your cooing baby blows bubbles and starts to crawl, your happiness knows no bounds. So does your fear.

Is the cupboard with groceries open?
Is the trash covered?
Is the tall antique lamp behind the sofa wobbly?
There better not be any glassware on the table.

Wherever that scooting toddler chooses to go, there is a parent doing a constant 360-degree swipe of all the possible nooks and corners and hazards the baby can land herself/himself in!

Experts suggest that the best way parents can baby proof their house is by getting down on their fours. A recce of the house should be done once, crawling. This will help the parent get into the toddler’s universe and their eye view!  That nice table cloth - looks pretty harmless right? That’s a dangling piece of bright cloth in the baby’s eye view, which is just a lovely thing to yank at, crashing all the dishes and crockery which are resting on it, and also risking injury!

Many temptations lurk in hidden corners of the sofa, behind cabinets and curtains which the baby may just want to put in the mouth. These are potential choking hazards and must be removed from the toddler’s nursery and other rooms. Heavy furniture items need to be secured against a wall.

The kitchen is often a war zone for an adult. Handling the stove, cooking in the microwave, cutting, chopping and using ingredients in the food processor etc., may seem routine for a parent, but it’s different for a baby. A blue flame on the stove, a knife next to the fruit bowl, bright bananas on top of the counter; the baby with all the curiosity to touch, taste and feel will reach out to these things which are wrought with danger.

So, stack the knives high up, put latches on ovens and refrigerators, use stove guard to block burners, cover all touch control of appliances and keep dishwashing liquid and detergents stored away. Also, don’t forget to deploy non-skid mats near the washing area and tape all electric sockets.

Is your house baby safe Check the front door

That is just the household. What about the part outside your safe haven? One of the most common scenes in a household - kids rushing to the door when the bell rings. The entrance of your house is an invitation to your home and also a gateway for your kid to the big bad world outside. There are many instances when toddlers and young kids open the door to find strangers or they take the chance to venture out on their own, out of their homes.

To avoid these situations, it becomes extremely important to watch the door! Working parents or the ones busy with chores can only safeguard to a certain extent. Picture this instead: Whenever your doorbell rings, you check from your smartphone who the visitor is, can converse with him and decide whether to give him access or not. You do all this right from your smartphone, no matter where you are.  Isn’t that amazing? Godrej Seethru Pro Wifi Video Door Phone enables you to do exactly that.

This video door phone is designed to add an extra layer of security and convenience to the life of a busy parent. With Godrej Seethru Pro you can see whoever is at the door before letting anyone in. Equipped with a host of features like motion detection, LED for night vision, weatherproof outdoor unit etc., Godrej Seethru Pro Video Door Phone makes sure that parents are in control, always. Be it at day or night, living room or bedroom, at office or on vacation, one can attend to visitors anytime from anywhere around the globe, with Godrej Seethru Pro.

With this level of security and convenience, parents can always experience total peace of mind.  When the doorbell rings, you have gotten it under control, as you have baby proofed the door. Parents - breathe a sigh of relief. Toddlers, play away!

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