India’s fitness revolution intensifies with Puma’s NETFIT running shoes

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India’s fitness revolution intensifies with Puma’s NETFIT running shoes

Life is to love, live and laugh, and a fit lifestyle can make it even better. This is confirmed by India’s affinity towards running in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Be it full marathons, half marathons, cardio centric workouts or simply running to avoid being late to your destination, we can be certain that running is a big part of our lives. Whatever your reason to run, there is no denying that it is easy to learn and effective- making it the perfect workout routine for anyone motivated towards a healthier lifestyle.

However, running comes with its own set of necessities. Specifically- running shoes. A good pair of running shoes can substantially amplify the quality of your run, up your comfort and have long term benefits when it comes to your running performance and speed. That said, PUMA’s latest release - NETFIT is a running shoe that focuses on both performance and comfort by allowing you to customise your lacing according to your foot type and running style. So whether you’ve got a wide-foot type, require heel support or are simply looking to lace up differently and make a style statement- the NETFIT’s upper mesh offers you complete freedom to try infinite lacing styles in one shoe! As if this wasn't enough, NETFIT also comes with the dual layer IGNITE midsole- which provides an added layer of protection and comfort across terrains and substantially boosts running performance.

PUMA has always focused on products that are both sports centric and fashion forward- but NETFIT strikes the perfect balance between fitness and fashion- making it the MVP of running shoes in the Indian market.If the PUMA’s NETFIT running shoes have you hyped about your next run, then check out its unboxing/review by fitness expert Ranveer Allahabadia aka BeerBiceps.

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