How to choose the right skin care products for your baby: A simple guide!

Always make sure to read the ingredients carefully before purchasing a product for your baby.

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How to choose the right skin care products for your baby: A simple guide!

When it comes to buying skincare products for your baby, it’s crucial to buy tried and tested items that are renowned for their quality and safety standards. After all, baby skin is delicate and prone to irritation and dryness. You need to choose skin care products that are mild yet effective, and those that will protect your baby’s skin from environmental irritants such as dust and diapers. Here’s a quick and easy guide to buying baby skincare products.

How to choose the right skin care products for your baby A simple guide

Always choose products specifically designed for babies

Baby skin needs to be regularly cleaned, massaged and moisturised. It is susceptible to dryness and won’t take well to products used by adults. That is why it is imperative to choose a skincare range that is made specifically to suit the needs of babies. These products are milder and ensure that the balance of your little one’s skin is neutral, protecting it against irritation.

Choose products free of parabens, dyes & phthalates

Read the ingredients carefully before purchasing. It should not contain ingredients such as harsh soaps or alcohol as these can cause allergic reactions and discomfort. Also, ensure that the products do not contain parabens (a preservative often found in cosmetic products). There are concerns that parabens could be absorbed more by infants than adults, making them more vulnerable to any potential harmful effects. Also look out for dyes, which are an unnecessary addition to baby products. Phthalates are also potentially dangerous ingredients that research has linked to a range of disorders such as asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, low IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioural issues and autism spectrum disorders, among others. Look for a chemical name that ends in ‘phalate’ on the list of ingredients and avoid buying those products.

Beware of “natural” products

In India, there is no regulation with regards to marketing a product as ‘natural’ so do not get fooled by this word on the package. Products labelled ‘100% Natural’ are not necessarily free of preservatives or harmful additives. Always make sure to read the ingredients carefully before purchasing a product for your baby. Check for the chemicals mentioned above and any other ingredient of which the name you do not recognise. Research unfamiliar ingredients before purchasing to make sure the product is safe for infants and young children.

Use Hypoallergenic Products

Use products that are hypoallergenic – these products are formulated to have the least possible risk of allergic reaction. Skin care products by Baby Dove Rich Moisture are paediatrician and dermatologist approved. They are made especially for the delicate skin of babies, so that each product is gentle even on the most sensitive skin.

Watch out for pH balance

Use a pH-neutral baby lotion such as Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nourishing Baby Lotion so that your baby’s skin is balanced and in good health, and therefore better protected against irritants in the environment. Products that are not neutral in pH balance can cause the skin to dry out and develop rashes or become itchy and irritated.

Whatever a new parent needs, the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range has all you require for your little one’s skincare regime. Products include baby massage oil, soap bars, nourishing baby lotion, baby wash and shampoo. These items are made with mild, nourishing ingredients to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. So that your baby is always fresh and happy!

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