From awareness to sale in 15 minutes: The new rules of marketing

 From awareness to sale in 15 minutes: The new rules of marketing

'A Never-Before World' - Rama Bijapurkar

This morning as I was scrolling my twitter timeline, I spotted a @BrandStoryboard tweet "Rama Bijapurkar's 'A Never-Before World' wrt to the Indian Consumer: Marketers". I clicked on the You Tubelink.It was an interesting interview around Ms Bijapurkar's new book and, intermittently, the price of the book flashed on the screen.

The minute the interview was over, I went to Flipkart and was pleasantly surprised to find the book at a nice discount and a two day delivery. Click, click, all my details are stored and I was soon in my bank account authorizing payment. Messages arrived from the bank and from Flipkart confirming that the payment was done and my order was being processed. From seeing the tweet on my timeline to end of sale, not even 15 minutes had elapsed.

I was enthralled at what had just happened. Fifteen minutes earlier, I did not even know that this book existed. So, I decided to de-construct this experience and see what it meant to me as a marketer and what I could apply from this to my own challenges of selling a premium magazine.

It started off with me spotting a Storyboard link. Why did I see it? Simple, I follow the handle. Why? They post interesting stuff at times and I personally know the editor and know that he puts together engrossing programmes. Now, this is a TV show which I almost entirely watch on my laptop or phone, prompted by links on Twitter or Facebook.

So, how does, say, a brand of high-end cars, catch my attention. Advertise on Storyboard? But, I don't see any of their ads. Pay Storyboard to tweet about their sexy new SUV. Hmm...I don't think I would pay any attention to that. Scroll, scroll.

So, why did I click on the Bijapurkar link. Simple, because of Bijapurkar. Storyboard got me the message but the brand Bijapurkur made me see the video. As a marketer, I hold Ms Bijapurkar in high regard and it's a specific association of research and her unique way of interpreting data.I was expecting to hear something new and insightful about an area of my interest from a source I respected. Hmm. Is this what the world calls content marketing?

Step One: Find out where my audience truly lives. Where can I reach him or her with my message.

Step Two: A straightforward "Buy me" is not going to work. He or she must see quality content from me that fits her information needs. So, I need to understand the needs and motivations deeply.

Step Three: Find the correct match of content and carrier of message. The carrier (in my case @brandstoryboard) must be appropriate for the content. I follow Stephen Fry on twitter but am doubtful if I will notice "10 rules of consumer retention" from him.

So, you got me to watch the episode. What happened next? I got a few interesting sound bites which piqued my interest in the book that the discussion was based on. The price flashing was a masterstroke. Hearing the quality of the content and the promise of more, the book seemed to be priced very reasonably. The rest was done by Flipkart, whose smooth buying experience didn't give me a moment to pause. No time for second thoughts.

Step Four: Show a sample of what the product offers. Indicate the price after that. If the content has done its job, the value will be established.

Step Five: The bridge from "hey, I want that" to sale consummation must be short, smooth and painless.

Of course, there is an underlying assumption of brand awareness and association of good quality. That may need investment in classic branding or lots of clever content marketing surrounding the audience in different ways.

But hey, this is so different from buying full page ads or flooding TV with 30 seconders. What do you think?

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Updated Date: Dec 21, 2014 04:40:37 IST