Don’t let erratic weather dampen your laundry schedule

Simple conveniences drastically improve the quality of day-to-day life. Nothing proves this point better than the modern-day home appliances that cut down cooking and cleaning time significantly.

But while mixer grinders and microwaves lend us those precious extra minutes of leisure, there’s still one bane of domesticity that plagues most households: the dreaded debacle of drying clothes.

Whether in the hot sun, milder winters or wet monsoon season, the task of putting clothes on the line is not just mundane but also cumbersome. A clothes rack takes up a large chunk of precious square footage. If hung out the window, the sight of wet clothes brings down your home’s exterior aesthetic.

Then there is the question of when your clothes will be ready. At the mercy of the weather gods, the clothesline sags with damp garments that often refuse to expel their moisture in a timely manner. All of these factors can really put a damper on your efficiency with the laundry hamper.

The Drying Solution

 Don’t let erratic weather dampen your laundry schedule

Enter the Bosch Washer Dryer, which eliminates the monsoon blues by making the process of drying laundry as simple and easy as pressing a button. In addition to washing cycles, this machine has an inbuilt dryer, making it an end-to-end washing solution.

Special Features & Capabilities

More than just a washing machine, the Bosch Washer Dryer is a specialised workhorse. The tumble dryer feature allows precise washing, with auto drying that detects moisture and adjusts heat so that as soon as your clothes are dry, the process is stopped. You won’t waste even one Watt of electricity.

The machine removes odours and its anti-crease cycle has been designed to reduce wrinkles with a low and slow drying mechanism. What’s more, unlike the spin cycle on regular washing machines, the Bosch Dryer is extremely quiet. So, for those last-minute meetings or school-uniform crises, wash early in the mornings or late into the night for ready-to-go clothes, without bringing the house down.

Even in the summer when the temperatures soar and the sun is out, drying clothes in harsh sunlight can fade colours and damage delicate materials, significantly reducing the life and negatively impacting the look of your garments, bed linen and upholstery.

The Bosch Washer Dryer takes utmost care of all kinds of fabrics, with individual programmes to cater to specific kinds of materials so you can be sure that your washing load is always in good hands, emerging fully dry and ready for action.

So why wait in vain for your washed clothes to dry when you can add the Bosch Washer Dryer to the list of appliances that save you precious time, free your mind of worry, ease the effort of housework and make life just a little better and more relaxed.

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Updated Date: Oct 08, 2018 15:57:54 IST