Beauty is both universal and inspiring. And here's an #ExtraordinaryBeauty you need to watch out for!

FP Studio July 23, 2018 12:22:41 IST
Beauty is both universal and inspiring. And here's an #ExtraordinaryBeauty you need to watch out for!

Here’s a question we never thought we would ask: What does a design company, a musician, a celebrity chef, and a phone company have in common? Answer: They are all aspirational. They share the common values of luxury and high-quality craftsmanship, and they resonate with people with impeccable taste. They have beauty in their DNA.

Flipkart knows that all too well and is launching the Honor 9N, the new budget smartphone by Huawei sub-brand Honor, on July 24. The company roped in celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, ace musician Raghav Sachar, and artists’ collective Taxi Fabric to create works of art inspired by the Honor 9N.

And boy, did the trio blow our minds away!

Ranveer Brar came up with a mouth-watering cheesecake that literally made us drool over the screen. When you watch him prepare the dish, you realize that he takes care of the finer details. And the blue in the cake, no prizes for guessing that it was inspired by the Honor 9N design. A tweak here, a shift there, and voila, what was simply good looking has now turned into something amazing.

Raghav Sachar loves his instruments. He plays so many of them and has the skill to mix all of them into an uplifting tune that talks of beauty that inspires. Beauty is making a lot of components work in unison. It’s not focusing on one aspect while losing track of others.

Taxi Fabric invites designers to redefine taxi art in Mumbai. Why taxis? That’s because they are what everybody uses. Arun Chanchal didn’t design something that only the super-rich could afford. He drew parallels between the architecture in Mumbai city and the design elements of the Honor 9N. He redesigned the interiors in blue to make the experience of taxi commute extraordinarily beautiful. The interiors speak to all taxi users. Your kaali-peeli experience just reached a new level.

The thing with beauty is that it is subjective. A person we love is beautiful even if the rest of the world doesn’t think so. We could love a melody that everyone hates. Our mother’s sweet dish might never win a contest but it always wins first prize in our hearts.

Once in a lifetime though, there’s something that comes along and makes everyone fall in love with it. The Honor 9N is probably one of the most uniquely beautiful phones of 2018. The stunning glass body and the beautiful notch makes heads turn.

That’s all we can tell you about the phone right now. Honor has been very tight-lipped regarding releasing any details about the phone. What we do know is that the phone has been getting a lot of buzz about the way it looks, the performance, and the appeal even without revealing too much about the device.

Come July 24, you will able to decide for yourself about the Honor 9N on Flipkart. If you can’t wait until then, click here if you wish to know more about this #ExtraordinaryBeauty.

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