A one stop solution for parents to ensure their child’s safety

The millennial parent will make no compromise regarding matters concerning the safety of their child.

FP Studio January 30, 2019 12:21:56 IST
A one stop solution for parents to ensure their child’s safety

The distinguishing trait of today’s new generation of parents is that they are majorly millennials. They are known multitaskers who are constantly browsing through new apps and devices. This Generation Y believes in acquiring and adopting the best technology, be it for work, home, or leisure. The millennial mantra is to stay super connected, all the time.

Starting a family and balancing it with the demands of an ultra-urban living can be a daunting task. It becomes heartbreakingly difficult to leave a toddler in the care of a family member or a nanny and go to work. This means worrying constantly about their safety, and wondering if they are being well looked after.

Generation Y parents can now decide to put all these worries and concerns to rest. By tapping into their aptitude to use latest devices, they hold an edge in leveraging the latest technology to rear their children than earlier generations. Eve home cameras allow them to do just that.

With the concept of Easy Viewing Everywhere, Eve home cameras from Godrej Security Solutions can broadcast everything that they see and beam it straight to a smartphone. This is not some highly pixelated, black and white CCTV footage that we are talking about. Instead, the signal from Eve home cameras is full colour, HD quality video with a wide viewing angle and full HD quality even in complete darkness.

A one stop solution for parents to ensure their childs safety

There are different variants of Eve Home Cameras. Eve Mini cameras are compact, palm-sized, and can be mounted in any part of the house. This technology to keep an eye on their babies and toddlers is achingly short of one thing. A parent away from home may miss reading a bedtime story to their child, or would have to skip out on singing their favourite lullaby. Eve Cube has that covered. With a built-in speaker and a camera, parents can hear everything happening around their little ones, and talk to them as well! Besides smartphone viewing, the two-way speaker system helps parents to talk, sing, play, and cheer their babies, while at their workplace!

Eve PT model, in addition to having a two-way speaker, also has a pan (0 to 355 degrees) and tilt (0 to 90 degrees) feature. Parents can see every nook and corner of the house or follow the route their babies crawl by panning horizontally or tilting the camera vertically to get an expanded field view with just a tap on the smartphone. This comes with a complete HDR feature as the camera adjusts according to brightness in the room and relay a clear picture.

Parents away from their kids do not want to miss a single milestone of their growing babies. The first step, the first word, and all their antics which can otherwise be missed in the blink of an eye stays getting recorded with Eve NCR. All footage from the home camera can be stored. Parents can just log in and see a second-by-second replay of what their baby did all day and celebrate their memorable moments.

The millennial parent will make no compromise regarding matters concerning the safety of their child. Also, they will not leave any stone unturned in being as close as possible to their babies even if they are physically away. It comes naturally to them to seek answers via technology to seek this balance and quality of life. Eve home cameras are there to do just that – give the moms and the dads all the eyes and ears they need at home!

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