7 slick features on the Moto X4 that aren’t there in any other phone in this price bracket

What are the features you look for before buying a smartphone? Probably the camera or the display. Well, how about something unique as well? Features that you won't find on any smartphone out there except one! It's time you say hello to the new Moto X4, and it’s seven unique features in its price bracket.

 7 slick features on the Moto X4 that aren’t there in any other phone in this price bracket

Glass and Metal Design

Looks do matter in the smartphone world, and the Moto X4 hits a home run in the looks department. Every smartphone in Moto X4’s price segment has either a plastic or an aluminium body, but the Moto X4 has a glass & metal body, and an anodised aluminium frame. It has a 3D contoured back for a sound grip. The reflective film under the glass provides a distinctive look to the phone from every angle.

IP68 Water & Dust Resistance

Pool parties are fun, but the fear that you might cause water damage to your phone with an accidental splash isn’t. Keeping your phone in a ziplock bag is neither practical nor completely safe. Moto X4 offers a great solution with IP68 water resistance which protects it inside and out from spills, splashes and even puddles.

Bluetooth® Wireless Sound Sharing

The world is going wireless! While Moto X4 does have a traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack, it has taken the next step in wireless connectivity with Bluetooth® 4.2 BR/EDR + BLE. You can connect up to 4 Bluetooth audio devices with the Moto X4, and take the party wherever you are. You can also listen to a playlist across two sets of earphones while running with a friend.

Wide Angle Camera

Moto X4

Top - normal shot, Bottom - wide angle shot

If you are a photography enthusiast, then the Moto X4 by default becomes the best option. Moto X4 has dual rear cameras which consist of a 12 MP Dual Autofocus Pixel Sensor and an 8 MP ultra-wide angle with a 120ofield of view sensor.

Moto Key

If you can’t remember passwords or simply hate typing them, then you’ll absolutely love Moto Key. It eliminates the need for passwords by replacing it with fingerprint recognition to access all your favourite websites on your Moto X4 as well as your PC/laptop.

Moto Experiences

Do a little twist and do a little chop to make those apps pop. Forget about swiping and clicking your display to open apps because Moto Experiences makes your everyday interaction with Moto X4 convenient with simple gestures. Just twist your wrist to open the camera or chop down twice to turn on the flashlight!

Moto Voice

There are times when you need to look up something on your phone, but you are driving or just feeling a little lazy to get off the couch. Moto Voice disentangles you from this dilemma even when your screen is off! Want to find a good bakery in your area or know the weather forecast? Just say ‘Ok Google’ and ask away! Moto Voice even announces calls and reads notifications out loud while you’re driving or using a headset!

These are the seven features you’ll only find in Moto X4’s price segment. So, don’t waste any more time and get yourself a Moto X4 now!

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Updated Date: Nov 28, 2017 10:38:55 IST