3 contestants, 3 challenges, 1 Honda BR-V and the open road

A journey across India in a car is as exciting as it gets. The open road, the beautiful landscapes and the journey itself will provide moments to last a lifetime. But, what happens when the journey is full of challenges and is undertaken by three complete strangers?

Hriday Malhotra, Rajeel Arab and Gaurav Kothari may be strangers on a one-of-a-kind escapade but they have one thing in common: an undying spirit to explore the unexplored and to immerse themselves completely in the pursuit of their passions.

They set off together on a thrilling journey accompanied by famous MTV Roadies host Rannvijay Singh Singha who has set up a challenge for each of them based on their respective skill sets.
That’s three awesome challenges, three hunters, one bold Honda BR-V car and one epic journey. #LetTheHuntBegin.

The three participants including Rannvijay begin their journey in the lovely old French town of Puducherry. It’s a beautiful sunny day and as they journey through the town, Rannvijay announces the first challenge for 30-year-old photography enthusiast Rajeel.

Her task: a photography challenge to click five photos that portray the five human senses before sundown.

Rajeel begins clicking photos of some interesting sights around Puducherry including a door, a woman making a “rangoli” in the middle of the road, and even a roadside coffee stall owner. She even makes Gaurav dance to the tunes of “Dhinka Chika” to put the stall owner in a good mood so that she can take a picture of him smiling at Gaurav’s antics. For her final shot, Rajeel and team head to the beach where she takes some incredible shots of children playing with the waves and a photo of Gaurav sipping on coconut water.

Post the successful and pacey photography challenge the participants then head to the beautiful quaint village of Bekre near Karjat in Maharashtra for 35-year-old Hriday’s adventure challenge. Surrounded by lush greenery and flowing rivers, Hriday’s task is something he’s never done before. He has to rappel down the 100-feet Bekre waterfall! Hriday battles the gushing water, slips, and struggles but doesn’t give up. The adventurer in him keeps going until he successfully completes this exhilarating challenge.

From the beautiful green environs of Bekre, the contestants are now ready to head to the ‘Blue city’ Jodhpur for Gaurav’s food-related challenge. Their companion on this extraordinary journey, the Honda BR-V, has proved to be truly amazing!

Ranvijay and the contestants drive through the beautiful landscape of Jodhpur and enter a palace straight out of a story book. They are greeted by a dapper Rajasthani chef who tempts Ranvijay and the contestants with a meal of Laal Maas, which turns out to be the challenge! In order to gorge on the delicious meal and complete his challenge, Gaurav had to buy 33 spices required to make Laal Mass in two hours. They head to the local market in the Honda BR-V tackling the bad roads on a hot day without breaking a sweat. After some running around in the local market, Gaurav successfully finds all the 33 spices and completes his challenge well before time. The challenge ends with a glorious feast of Laal Maas and Mawa Kachoris.

From weaving in and out through the bylanes of Puducherry to maneuvering the rugged landscape of Bekre and tackling rough conditions in Jodhpur the Honda BR-V has been the right partner on this epic expedition.


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Updated Date: Jan 18, 2017 12:14:01 IST