Satyamev Jayate: I was spellbound, says Prasoon Joshi

In an exclusive interview to Firstpost, adman and lyricist Prasoon Joshi, who has written the anthem for the show, tells us why the Aamir Khan starrer bowled him over.

Anant Rangaswami May 04, 2012 14:47:29 IST

In an exclusive interview to Firstpost, Prasoon Joshi, adman and lyricist, speaks about Satyamev Jayate, the Aamir Khan show that will debut on STAR Plus this Sunday.

“It’s a unique show. I was completely bowled over by it. It’s a never-done before concept,” he says, in a quick descriptor of the show.

On the anthem for the show, which he wrote, Joshi says, “I was roped in to write the anthem for the entire programme… we discussed what it should be… and Aamir had this idea that it should be romance. Initially, I did not understand what he meant, but later I did. In our country, there is a tradition of writing in dualisms (and Sufi culture is responsible for that) where the singers might be talking about a lover, but (at the same time) also about Gods. I approached it in that fashion. I wrote a love song for my country, but I wrote in a style where the country is my lover.”

Satyamev Jayate I was spellbound says Prasoon Joshi

Adman and lyricist Prasoon Joshi has written the anthem for the show. AFP

“What kind of love is it? Is it unconditional? Yes, but (the love) may require me to change myself. (the program forces you to ask) Do I deserve the love of my country?”

“Most of the time, when we write about our country, it’s in the form of eulogy. We’ve spoken about the love for our country and eulogised it; we have talked about the beautiful mountains, rivers, landscape…”

“The anthem, like the program, is not a eulogy. It is also introspective. The program questions things, and the anthem tells you there are questions to be asked.”

Is the show entertainment? “We have very narrowly defined entertainment in this country. It seems that only making people laugh or dance or smile is entertainment. If you look at the navarasas, we have hasyarasa and karunarasa. Karunarasa is basically about pain, melancholy and catharsis.”

Why should one watch the program? “This program engages. This will make you think. When I was watching, I could not think of anything else. It stunned me.”

“You will be spellbound. I was.”

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