A seven-year-old reviews 'Epic': The heroine is awesome!

Seven-year-old Miraya Mitra Saigal tells us what she loves the most about Epic.

Miraya Mitra Saigal May 21, 2013 13:07:55 IST
A seven-year-old reviews 'Epic': The heroine is awesome!

I first saw an ad of the movie Epic on television. It came between one of the Japanese cartoon shows my mother really hates so I had to quickly switch channels but it looked very, very exciting. In the ad, I saw this cool girl in the forest and these little people riding birds with colourful wings. Now what adventures could they be up to?

These holidays my mother has come up with a strange rule where she says that five days a week are “No TV days”. When I told her that sounded a little weird since my friends were all watching TV, she nodded wisely and said their TVs would crash and burn. That sounded scary.

A sevenyearold reviews Epic The heroine is awesome

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Once I had seen the ad, I kept whining to my parents to take me for Epic. (Though let me be truthful, I don’t really know the meaning of ‘whining’. My mom uses that word a lot with me so I think it means asking for the same thing many times.) After a little bit of good behavior – I cleared away my toys and played with my little sister – I was finally taken for Epic.

The movie started with this young girl called Mary Katherine, she looked quite a bit older than me and she was travelling with a suitcase in a taxi, alone. That seemed like a grown-up thing to do. Mary Katherine was quite beautiful with green-blue eyes and light brown hair. Mary reached this old and lonely looking mansion where her father, an absent-minded scientist, lived. There was also a three-legged dog called Ozzie and he kept slobbering on Mary Katherine.

Mary Katherine told her father that she wanted to be called MK, like a pop star. I wish even I could be called something short and fun like that. Mary did not look very happy with her father because he kept saying there were little people in the forest. She looked sad and also a little bit angry. So, when her father went to look for these little people she packed her bags and decided to leave him.

All the adventure started after this. MK walked into a beautiful forest with tall trees and dark green leaves. She met a tiny, magical queen called Tara who was lying on the ground with a flower pod in her hand. Tara was dying because a strange rat and bug type creature called Mandrake had shot an arrow into her. I started crying when I saw this.

Tara gave MK her pod and said she must take care of it and take it to Nimgaluu, a caterpillar who would know what to do. MK found herself becoming tiny and she also becomes friends with some tiny people called leaf men who are in Tara’s team.

On the way, MK met lots of different animals like a toad, a snail and an over-smart slug. I really liked the slug because his eyes kept popping out and he kept saying lots of funny things that irritated the other creatures. MK also made friends with this boy called Nod. He was a leaf man and could fly a bird really fast.

Finally they took the pod to Nimgaluu. The leaf men said he looked wise, but he looked a little confused to me. In all this adventure, Mandrake and his horrible army of boggans, who I think were bugs, kept chasing MK and her friends to steal the pod. MK won the battle with the help of her father.

I really liked Epic. There were bits that scared me so I held on to my mother’s hand. I loved MK and thought she was brave and clever. I wish I could be like her. Epic, like in The Lorax, another favourite film of mine also showed how important trees were for us.

A sevenyearold reviews Epic The heroine is awesomeMiraya Mitra Saigal is seven-year-old. She studies at Bombay Scottish School in Mahim. Miraya loves to read books, watch television and play with the ipad when given an opportunity. Right now she has a two-month long Summer vacation and is finding ways to keep herself busy and drive all adults around her nuts.

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